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Published: 2020-02-11 16:10:06
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The effects a person has on another can mean much. These effects can either make or break that individual. Having a prestigious strong mother is the best thing anyone could want in his or her life. Everything my mother taught me lives within me today. Shes a hard working women and she influences me to work even harder. The way she take care of her family prepares me to do the same when I start my own family. Being a single parent caused my mother to build this unique bond with me that Im grateful for. Her view on the importance of education motivates me to never give up. Her support gives me strength and she takes pride in everything I do. My mother has to be the most influential person in my life and the effects she have on me will truly make me a better person in life. My mother started teaching me as soon as I was born. She felt that teaching children when they are very young is one of the most important activities you can ever do as a parent.

Reading books was the norm for us. I learned how to read and pronounce big words at a very early age. In school I use to love having spelling bees because I was really good at spelling words aloud as well. Being able to read and spell made me feel great because kids my age wasnt on the same level as me. My mother also felt that just spending time with me is educating me. She always told me that children whose parents dont spend time with them end up doing the wrong things in life. I didnt understand why my mom wanted me to learn at an early age for and I always told her that I will learn in school and that she didnt have to teach me. But she made it clear that yes I will learn in school but I will only excel because of what I already know. Everything my mother taught me lives within me.

Having two jobs and being an only parent has to be a challenging task. My mother is a hard working women I truly dont understand how she does it. All the obstacles shes been thru in her life just motivated her to never give up. Seeing this side of my mother encourages me to put my all in everything I do. She showed me that life comes with problems but god wont put you in a situation that you cant get out of. She always told me that you have to stay strong even if youre in a bad predicament. My mother truly doesnt know what giving up means because she never gave up and she said if she would have gave up than I probably would have been in a foster home or out on the streets by my lonely.

Family comes first. My mother is like the boss in our family. She takes care of mostly everything. She deals with all of our financial problems the best way she can. She makes sure that theres food made for us everything night. She makes sure that the bills are paid on time. When theres an altercation going on in our family my mother receives the first phone call. My mother is the one that everyone depends on. This is not an easy task for her. She gets stressed out at times and thats when I console her and let her know that things will be ok. Seeing my mother like this prepares me to take charge of my family. When I decide to have a family I will act just like my mother because shes so strong and she doesnt let anyone come in between what she has to do for us to live right. She sacrifices her life so that we can have a better life than she had when she was growing up.

Being a single parent is not easy for my mother but she is coping with it the best way she knows how. My mother had me at a young age and this influenced me to not have any kids until Im ready and stable financially. She also inspired me not become a single parent even though she did a great job at being the only one. We have an unique bond and I believe its only like that because I only had my mom around if I had my dad around than I know Ill be more attached to him. My mother actually found life much easier and much more enjoyable at times because she was so use to an environment where there was tension and constant fighting.

Removing herself from such a situation bettered herself as a woman and made her the great mother and daughter that she is. Education is the key. My mother graduated high school a year before she was supposed to, that makes me think that my mom is the smartest person in the world. That really motivated me and I wish I could have did the same thing. I worked hard in high school even though I couldnt graduate early my mom saw the effort I was putting in and she rewarded all of my hard work that I was doing. I graduated high school with a high GPA which caused me to get accepted into DSU Honors Program. My mom was proud of me being in the honors program and I told her that I only became this way because of her being very supportive and because of everything she installed in me.

Overall, the effects my mother have on me made me into the person I am today. Shes the most influential person in my life and Im grateful for that. Being a single parent caused my mother to build this unique bond with me that no one can destroy. We are unbreakable and everything she taught me I will be sure to pass on when I start my family. Her view on the importance of education motivates me to never give up. Her support gives me strength and she takes pride in everything I do.

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