motivational and emotional factors help you to understand your own health and fitness Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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What were the motivational and environmental factors that contributed to the weight gain? The motivational factor that I belive Tasha had was prioritizing her children over her own health and the enviromental was that she had two children both at a hard age that needed her all the time witch took all the time, energy and focus.

Briefly describe which approaches to motivation you feel best help us to understand the change in Tashas behavior. the best motivational aproach that I thought helped me understand it better was intrinsic motivation witch according to our textbook is based on the personal satisfaction the person gets from doing the task (Lefrancois, 2011) I choosed this because she was was being motivated by her mood and the way she feels about herself.

In what ways was emotion tied to the weight gain and loss?

Being tired and preocupied accounts for her weight gain and being unhappy with her weight and her mood motivated the loss.

How might understanding these motivational and emotional factors help you to understand your own health and fitness?

When I started reading this, I though I was reading about myself, this story has a lot to do with me. When I had my second child I gain 40 pounds I felt fat and everyone was telling me that I gain weight and I felt more discusted with myself, I hated my body and I was very unhappy with it. So one day I saw a friend of mine on facebook she had posted a picture of how she lost 30 pounds in 2 months and that got to me and I asked her how she did it and she put me in touch with the trainner that helped her. I got myself a personal trainner and started taking this product call YOR HEALTH and that has helped me loose 45 pounds and now Im proud to say that I have the body I always dreamed of having and they want me as a model for a fitness magazine in witch im still debating because that is not my thing. By understanding these emotinal and motvational factors has helped me realize that what I did and been doing I did it all correctly.

Will you change anything in your own life as a result of this scenario?

I have to say as of right now I wouldnt change anything because its something Im doing now.

R. Lefrancois (2011 ). Psychology: The human puzzle. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc retrieved from * Select one character, past or present, from a television show, movie, book, comic, game, etc. *

* Briefly describe this character, including:
* What medium (television, movie, book, etc.) is he or she from? *
* Why did you select him or her?
* What is his or her personality as depicted?
* Identify one approach (e.g., common-sense, psychodynamic, humanistic, etc.) that you feel is most accurate and useful in understanding this characters personality. *
Discuss this selected theory. Why did you select it? How might this theory help us understand your characters personality?

I had a similar assigment in another class and I absolutly loved it because I got the chance to talk about my favorite character person and I absolutley love this lady her name is Madea known as Tyler Perry. She has been in manny movies all of of them has a been a great success. My favorite out of all her movies is Witness Protection in this movie she played a role of protecting a family that had to be under witness protection until a case was resolved in court. This family was not one of the best family not a close family but once they got to Madeas house she made sure she tought them how to live with eachother as a family and tought them the real meaning and importance of having a family there for you. I selected this character because in her movies she has inspired me and show me and everyone who watches her movie that no matter what family values is very important.

One aprache that I choosed for her character is humanistics aproach because she would make sure you understand her world and where shes coming from for her to be able to get on you page. She has to get her point across and has to make sure everyone understands and follows what she says in a easy or a hard way just like out text boo stated The self; worth, dignity, individuality (Lefrancois, 2011) and My perception of the world is real. So is yours. We have our separate realities. If we are to understand each other, you must try to understand my world, and I yours (Lefrancois, 2011) I chosed this personality beucase and that is exactly how Madea is when shes trying to get a point across. She has all o those traits in her pesonality she shows her self her dignity and her individuality. If anybody in class has watch her movies can tell you how her personality is in manny ways I wished I had her same personality.

R. Lefrancois (2011 ). Psychology: The human puzzle. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc retrieved from R. Lefrancois (2011 ). Psychology: The human puzzle. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education, Inc retrieved from

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