Music Is a Form of Media Essay

Published: 2019-12-30 11:01:43
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Thesis sentence: music is a form of media that can influence and define your life. Listening to music can be a good way to feel better about yourself and those around you. Music, as media, has a huge effect on how a person behaves. The type of music a person listen to can either relax them or put them on edge. The difference is how the music is accepted. Music also has a powerful way of bringing back memories and emotions, such as a song played at a wedding that shows love and passion.

Sometimes music will remind you of hard times and bad memories of a break up from a spouse or sufficient other or maybe the death of a love one. Most people do not know the impact music has on ones life. Music can be used to charm humans and animals alike. The studies has shown that humans and animals can be influenced by the sound and pattern found in music.

An example is the King cobra being charmed by a snake charmer using music to put him into a trance. Upon hearing the music the cobra goes into a trance tamed as can be. In summary it is not hard to see how much influence music has. As a form of media, music has the ability to influence an individual as well as those around him. We all share a common connection through music both humans and animals alike are bound to the power and influence of music.

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