My Christmas and New Years Vacation Essay

Published: 2020-01-05 17:51:52
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On my new years and Christmas vacation started off bad but towards the end it became good. I had a lot of fun spending time with my family to be honest. We ate to much like Golden Coral , Cookies and milk , and The Christmas dinner. On Christmas Eve night we had the cookies and milk once you but the cookies in your mouth they were so moist soon as they touch the tip of your tongue. On Christmas we went to golden corral and it seem like they add more food in the buffet to be honest. For some reason it was many types of smells. When we went to the mall, and soon as I walked in the mall aroma of the mall smelled like Topsy. On new years it seem like it was like a ghost of fireworks walking up and down through the streets. In the house there was a smell of a vanilla candle that really smelled.

Out of all of the incredible smells that I had taken in there was a bad smell awaiting for me and that was the smell of chitlins, wooo that smell is nothing nice. Thankful my mama knows has to keep that awful smell down. When the day seems long I would lie in my comfortable bed. I was able to go over to one of my cousins house which was a cool thing to get away from the house. I would just lie there and pet on the dogs soft furrier coat. Once that was over back to the home front it was good to see my little brother.

I gave him a hug and a rub on his curly soft hair. While on break the sight of the snow was amazing. Just watching it comes down and hitting the ground was a pretty sight. Then to watch some of the kids out playing making snowmen was a great sight also. What wasnt a great sight was seeing the news and watching how people were wrecking their cars. After, seeing all that pretty snow the sight is not a good look now its dirty looking Listening to the good music and hearing laughter filled my whole vacation. Watching my family sit down talking and playing cards was great. It was nice seeing everyone getting along was good laughter to my heart. Just having family together over my break bring all the laughter this world can give. .

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