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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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One favorite place from my childhood that I remember fondly is my grandparents house. On one hand, its marvelous location is unforgettable to me. On the other hand, I have a lovely remembrance of all the fun activities my family and I did there. In addition, other memories include the delicious meals we enjoyed there.

To begin, it had a marvelous location. My grandparents house was in Punta Cuna, one of the eastern beach cities in the Dominican Republic. The house was very near to the beach, on the top of a hill: for that reason, a fresh breeze was always blowing. It was surrounded by beautiful gardens and a huge back yard with many fruit trees on which lived a lot of birds that would delight with their trills. The view from all of the windows, which included the sea or the backyard, was marvelous. Also, my sisters and I could see the sunrise from the portal. Being a woken up by the sound of the neighbor rooster was my favorite. Not to forget the different aromas coming from the prevalent peddlers made you just want to savor all the different bouquets coming there my little pink bedroom window.

In addition, my grandparents planned a lot of activities to keep us amused. We and our friends used to go to the beach every morning, and sometimes we went in the afternoons too. We played a lot of board games such as dominoes, canasta, continental and monopoly. Also, we used to play outdoors for example we did races, played hide-and-seek, and took refreshing hose showers at the backyard. My grandfather would send us out on mini scavenger hunts around the yard for different things he would hide. While we would search for them he would change them locate and then yell out Your so freezing cold ; wrong direction in creole, then start laugh. My grandmother would take us with her on occasion to the Marche aux Puces and we would go around and view the different Merchants who enticing fragrance would wake me up in the morning. At night we would lay under the stars in the backyard and enjoy what we bought from the Marche aux Puces.

Last but not least, was the exquisite meals that we ate there. My grandfather was a wonderful cook, and he used to prepare tasteful dishes for us. We tried vegetables, seafood, and all kind of meat made for him. Sometimes, my grandparents and we went out to dinner and could taste a wide variety of meals.

The beautiful location left indelible marks in our minds. The amusing time that we passed there is unforgettable. I never try again a meal with the delicious taste of my grandfathers meal. For all of that, my grandparents house was in my memory as the most favorite place that I visited during my childhood.

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