My Most Embarrassing Situation Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Have you ever been in an embarassing moment before?How was it like?Where do you hide your face?How you gonna tell your mum and siblings what actually happened at school?Oh gosh! If you me give a huge sum of money,I would be contemplating to do the acting all over again but honestly I dare not.It was embarassing indeed. It started when I registered as a new form five student at a new premier school at Gopeng,Perak.Obviously the school is new to me.So are the facilities.I was looking high and low for the signboard on where the toilet was.I had to rush to a toilet because I had been controlling my urges since after the registration.My parents had already departed home and I had to push my roller luggage,books and few other small things to a nearby hostel.So I decided to leave all my personal things at the door entrance leading to the hostel.The urges were unstoppable and I could feel the stool at my bowel crying to come out.

I quickly dashed to a nearby toilet and couldnt care less which toilet it was.It did not matter anymore whether it was a boys or girls toilet.I remembered these urges started after I had two glasses of tea tarik at a mamak stall at the Gopeng t-junction on the way to this school.All those grunt and groan were expressed freely in that cubicle.It was total privacy until¦I heard giggling outside.I wondered why the giggles were sounded so near. I came out from the cubicle half naked and discovered something very embarrasing.My god! to my horror, I had entered the girls toilet. To make matters worse, these few girls were the familiar faces I saw during the registration this morning.

They were laughing at the top of their voices.I thought they would screamed but this was rather unusual.They stared at my bottom half and giggled at me.After a while only I knew they closed their eyes and turned away.Gosh!!horror of horrors, I had forgotten to zip up! No beetroot could have matched the colour of my face at this point of time!No wonder they were giggling like a clown.I hardly could move and stood rooted to the ground. They news of my predicament spread like wild fire throughout school. I was truly the talk of the town.

I felt like I could be at home on my bed and covered my whole body from this very embarrasing moment.I could not walk around anymore and truly I was embarrassed from top to bottom. It was truly an embarrasing moment and one of my colleagues tried to please me.He offered me to do a second time acting with a recorded video.They wanted to call a famous film director and offered me the role of main actor.The plot would include more embarassing plots.I was hesitated but then I was thinking this could be a good oppurtunity for me to polish up my acting career.The thought of demanding more money would surely crossed my mind.I then quipped,was it a really embarrasing moment Anyway the next one is gonna be paid so.. why not?

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