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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Fast food I believe that most of people have been heard about this name and have tried it until now. Fast food is the food that can be prepared and served very quickly, and it may refer to food sold in a restaurant or store with low quality preparation and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-away. At present fast food becomes a role important in every corner of countries around the world including in Thailand. Fast food now feature in many choices of food in Thai society and culture, for example in economic, job, and health issue.

This essay aims to evaluate the effects of fast food on Thai culture. Firstly, fast food effects on the Thai economy since we have been commerce oversea, also cultural exchange between countries. Western culture affected Thai by many ways especially foods, because Thailand has been a commerce partnership with foreign countries for a long time. We did various ways to develop the country and economy, until now fast food is the most popular and becomes a role important on Thais lifestyle than ever, for instant Thai people enjoy have Western food for breakfast such as coffee, toast, English tea, and etc.

Fast food which comes from the foreign in franchise form and located in many places in Thailand, they are many fast food market growing such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFCs, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell etc. More and more people are desiring fast food more than other restaurants making them go out of buisness ect because of the price comparison in the hard times we are facing right now. It directly has an effect to economy, first is have a balance of trade deficit because most of fast food owner in Thailand is foreigners so, we loose half of the profits to them.

Another affect is unhealthy Lifestyle, Buzzle(2009) has written eating fast food and leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Obesity leads to other complications like increase in the cholesterol level, blocking of the arteries, the increased risk of coronary diseases, in addition to the general physical discomfort posed by the extra weight. Fast food is also addictive and hence it is very difficult to give up on their greasy and fatty foods and carbonated drinks and switch to healthier options. As well as increased blood pressure,

Buzzle(2009) also says most of these quick and convenient meals contain high amount of sodium, which increases and aggravates the risks of high blood pressure. According to the recommendations of the National Research Council of the National Academy of sciences 1,200 1,500 mg of sodium is the daily sodium requirement for adults. Keeping these figures in mind, you should also know that the regular table salt that we consume contains 40% sodium and a single teaspoon of table salt contains 2,300 mg of sodium. Although the body requires minimum quantities of sodium, too much sodium contributes to high blood pressure.

Sodium can also lead to building-up of fluids in case of people who are suffering from people with congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, or kidney disease. Besides, Thai traditional recipes being forgotten and a big change in eating habits. However, there are advantages of fast food which convenience and saving time, it provides us the food rapidly and fast food is more convenient to find and purchase than healthy food. Second, is the number of fast food restaurants gave job opportunities to many Thai workers.

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