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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Six Flags is a fun, thrilling amusement park, but for friends, it is now a threat to their lives. A fun field trip turns out to be a scary experience for them. Six Flags is the most fun field trip of the year, of course, who does not like rollercoasters? Hey! Look at that new ride!! Jackie points at the Spiderman rollercoaster with a thrilled expression. That ride goes so quickly! Let us go on it! Her sister, Josie, agrees. They stop for some sweet cotton candy that melts in their mouths very quickly. They stop to see other attractions but continue ahead.

I am ready for my first day, boss!! a quirky girl in a Six Flags uniform says behind them. The guy operating the ride shows her some basic buttons on operation the ride, but she does not pay much attention. I will let you do this ride, I need to use the bathroom, the boss says to the new worker as people buckle themselves on the ride. The Spiderman ride is a very fast ride that they were enjoying. Uh-oh, the girl working the ride screams as she fiercely presses buttons on the box. The rollercoaster abruptly stops as it is turning upside down.

The screams and cries of the people became louder and louder. What is happening?!? Jackie screams loud enough to hear. What do I do?! What do I do?! the girl panicks and pushes on the frozen buttons. Amelia! What are you doing!? the boss comes in running with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I am sorry boss, I do not know what happened! Amelia shouts so she can be heard over the screams of riders. Wait¦ How did you know it was stuck?? I could hear everybodys cries from the bathroom!! he rolled his eyes and began to press the emergency buttons.

The ride made a weird noise then began running again. I am sorry, Amelia, but you are fired, the boss says in a tired tone. Everybody gets off the ride like they are running for their lives. The boss is still shouting at Amelia for not knowing how to operate the ride. I am alive!! Josie shouts as she comes running out. Thank goodness we did not die! Jackie cries. I know! I am never going on a ride again, Josie shrieked. Same. I think I will just go on the kiddy cars, Jackie agrees and heads towards the kids section. Yay! Let us go!

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