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Published: 2020-02-22 19:40:59
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What do you think is the most important international concern right now? Out of curiosity, I conducted a small survey and asked that very question to people on the streets. As I expected, most of them revealed it was the conflicts in North Korea. There are many ways to describe North Korea. It is a country under a dictator leadership, a country with a very serious poverty problem, and a country that recently became notorious with its defense for nuclear weapons. However, I would like to describe the country as a child a poor, desolate, and lonely child.

It is true that many people are scared of North Korea and the activities it is involved with, such as nuclear testing. However, I am more worried than afraid about the country. As I mentioned above, I think North Korea is like a child a child that needs a guardian to lead it back onto the right path. And because such child was left alone since the Korean War and was forced to grow up by itself, it now wants attention from other countries. Many politicians are offering solutions for North Korea and for its actions. Many are suggesting for war since North Korea is disrespectful and very egoistic.

Others want peace, without any bloodshed. I personally agree with the peaceful method because I know we can solve this problem by conversation. And I do not want to fight against the land my family came from. I think the unification of North and South Korea would help the country to develop and mature itself. I know it will take time to equalize the country both, politically and economically. I also do not expect another miracle to happen like Germany. But if such unification is possible, then the world would have succeeded in achieving more world peace.

Another solution is to have a world conference to understand each other better, rather than to just tell each other what they want and what they do not. I know how sensitive all countries are these days, with conflicts happening daily and with the world getting increasingly complicated and crowded. However, if the countries could step back from their own problems and look into the heart of the mater of global issues for a minute, they would be able to understand each other better and help solve the North Koreas problem with a willingness to see world peace.

If both methods do not happen in the next 5 years which is highly possible I am ready to join the United Nations to help struggle the peace for Korea. I am a person who thinks that life is too short and that I want to try and experience as much as I can to reach my goals. Thus, if politicians do not make any actions, I will step in to achieve my ultimate lifes goal: Korean Peace. I will join the United Nations, the organization that has helped to bring in peace for many countries. I am a firm believer that endless endeavor can bring in success.

Many people will probably find my solutions childish and idealistic. After all, the world is a far more complex place than a teenager may think. However, one thing I know for sure: my passion for world peace is stronger than most people. And if the passion remains as I mature mentally and intellectually over the next few years, I am certain that I will make a difference for both, North Korea and the world. And for that embodied child of Korea, it will some day grow up a unified, matured and peaceful person like how I always dream it would be. Nothing is impossible without hope, faith and determination.

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