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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The first website is the National Geographic (, which is very diverse in terms of the topics it features and discusses on their site. It talks about the environment, humanity, history, entertainment, and travel. Due to the variety of topics, the website caters to everyone and anyone who seek reliable information. Five topics were researched including the brain, heart, skin, digestive system, and lungs.

The search was very easy because the website has its search option where users can type what they are looking for and the website will generate the nearest results that it can find. Other topics can also be accessed with ease because the website features hyperlinks on the left side and on top, which are very easy to find. For the topics that were researched, images and graphics were available for users to understand the topic better. It also has a Daily News section, which features the latest news about the environment, space, and people.

The website does not contain any grammatical errors and information are organized in such a way that they fall in the proper category. It also posts contact information so that users can contact the company if they want to research more or if they want to verify what they have learned. Considering that National Geographic is a known company with its own television channel, it is not hard for users to trust the content of its website. The website is very easy to navigate and it presents everything in such a way that users would not question the contents.

For those who would use the website to research on educational topics, they would certainly find useful and accurate information because the National Geographic is known to conduct researches, documentaries, and studies. The company consults professionals and specialists to make sure that everything they post are correct and accurate. Wellness. com is a community for people who want to learn more about wellness and improve their lifestyles. It is also a place where people who have knowledge about wellness and healthy living can share what they know to those who want to obtain information.

According to the website, it aims to create a place where people can obtain wellness information that can be trusted and used by everyone. In terms of evaluating the website for its accuracy and reliability, it can be said that the website can probably do better. Much of the information posted can be questioned because the authors are the members of the community and everyone just shares information with each other through the sites forums. The members can post blogs about different topics, mostly about simple things like lying to get treatment for menopause, self-criticism, and breast cancer.

The website has its search option that would return results from the sites blogs and forums. Due to the importance of obtaining health-related information only from professionals, the website lists providers by category. Users are also given the option to search a provider by name. Information on health is categorized and listed alphabetically so that users do not have a hard time finding specific topics. It also offers wellness information for pets so that users who have pets have a place to gather information.

Multimedia content is not available in this website and there are not much images featured. However, to compensate for its cons, the website has its contact page where people can contact the organization if they have any inquiries or recommendations. Overall, it is not a great place to obtain accurate information but it is a good place to find people who share the same experiences and thoughts. If a person wants to find a community to belong to in terms of wellness and health, then Wellness. com is the right place to go.

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