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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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I am going to be pointing out the content and the structure of tatamkhulu afrika Nothings Changed and John Agars Half Caste. Both poems use different type of text and language. Both writers make you read between the lines to show how they express their feelings. I will also be identifying the purpose, poetic spelling and the image and rhythm Of the poem. Both poems deal with the same issues, which is the way of life. These poems are fantastic as you analyse them.

An image is a picture that is imprinted from a book or poem. I am going to analyse the imagery that the writers show in the poem. The two writers show a great deal of imagery because it is an important element that the writer tries to show. Half caste uses an angry image towards the reader. Explain yuself. Just those words put an explosive image that the writer is telling an angry poem. Nothings changed use a more calm sense of imagery to explain him in a lower tone. The describes the surroundings very well and puts this image in your mind. Amiable weeds. This is a quick summery of the ground because you start to see and build up an image of the surroundings.

The language shown in the two poems Nothings changed and half-caste are effective because both poems try to make a point. John agard and tuamkhulu Africa use the same type of language, which is anger and expression. Nothings changed uses descriptive language, which makes the reader really think and sink in onto how the reader feels. Hand burn for a stone, a bomb. These quotes explain the anger and the way he feels in the language. John agard also uses a higher level of anger which leads to swearing and high comments on different things. Explain Yuself. The anger in these words shows itself the type of language.

In the two poems there is a lot of rhythm shown. It is clear that rhythm is an important part in poems especially Nothings changed and half-caste because it can unfold something the writers are trying to say. Nothings changed uses a lot of rhythm it clearly shows he is trying to say something. In line 12 he uses repetition of and and anger is needed to show the anger he feels. In half-caste there is no argument that John agard

Has strong feelings and anger about the word half-caste. This is shown when he says excuse me standing on one leg Im half-caste. You can feel the frustration of the tone of voice that he expresses. It clearly shows the similarities of rhythm that there is not much to show because the poets try to show an angry side of the poem. The motions that they try to cover up the rhythm are anger and hatred. This is a good teqnique that both poets use.

The content and structure of both poems are similar. In nothings changed there is a massive use of descriptive language of anger. In there bones. This is an description that one of the poets express which makes the readers fell that the persons lifestyle is a ruff and cold place and it is always like that. It also shows that they live in a town where there are racial issues where the black and the white do everything different. There are six stanzas in nothings changed and each one showing the way the people fell in descriptive terms. The writer shows this by describing the white as eating their food on linen and black people eating on a plastic table cloth. This shows the significance of how important the content is and how reading between the lines can open the poems structure up.

In Half-caste John agard expresses his felling in a rude manor. This is shown by the text content. John agard uses his West Indian language and applies it towards the text. He uses five stanzas in which the content is almost a reflection of Nothings changed because it talks about the same issues. Its show how one man is very angry about the discrimination of the black people and how they are separate towards the white.

The personality of the writer is shown automatically because of the way he has placed the structure and content of his poem. These elements have been brought forward to produce a different poem, which talks about something, which is explained in a different way to cause an impact. In this scenario John agard gas used anger to use as his main target point. Both poems are similar but both have different ways of explaining.

Both of the writers purposes are to express how people are treated in the world. They feel like the world is blinded of what people are going through and only some people can see the truth. The purpose of John agard is to enforce anger into people so it can show this is an enormous issue. He makes the person feel like he does because of the persuasive language that is expressed. His unique use of communicating with the reader is shown by the anger in his writing. Tatamkhulu Africa purpose of his poem is to explain the same issue but bring it toward people in a calm but affective way. He as John agard has the same issue and the same perspective of the issue. The writer shows this by using a character and his life as a black person. The calmness shown is affective but described in a different way. Both writers have the same purpose, which is to show how life is for different people, but they have explained it in their own way.

The phonetic spelling in both poems is of a great depth. This is an essential part of each poem because it can explain more for the key terms of each purpose of the poem. Nothings changed has shown many metaphors such as glass hotel rose these are all describe in a perfect a to portrait an image into your minds. The words are a guidance to show that it is a rich and wealthy place and it is unwelcome to the poor people.

The word rose by itself it shows that the white people are living in a luxury place and the black people are having too live in poverty with cheap plastic table cloths. The poet uses formal language to represent his poem and he frequently repeats the word and many times. There is not much of a rhythm in this poem because he tries to put a serious point towards the people. John agard and Half-caste use a different appearance, they use slang to bring the poem forward.

In this poem there is not an often use of words that have been spelled as they sound. He also tries to make a serious point. Both of the poems have basic similarities they firstly talk about the racist issues in both there different ways. John agard uses slang in his poem whereas Tatamkhulu Africa uses a calm type of text. I think that nothings changed has the most effective poem because it has a different story to tell and if you read between the lines the poem expands more and the issues become clear.

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