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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Executive summary:

Bharat Food Science Nutritionals is a company which is in the market for 30 years and has been providing the highest quality formulations in Nutritional Supplement Industry for both human and animal needs. Main objective is to provide Humans with required nutritional supplements and make them healthier and more productive. It is known that low socio-economics groups just eat enough to survive. Our objective is to include these people to improve their health and make them fit. Our Mission is Nutritious Nation. Our company is committed to providing nutrition to promote maximum fitness and overall better health Our Vision includes in next 10 years is to provide a Healthy India. Helping as many people as we can. There should be no selling of a girl due to lack of food. Our products are so reliable which has lead us to good profits. Now we are developing new strategies to include low socio-economic people.

Company summary:

Bharat Food Science Nutritionals, for over 30 years our company has provided the highest quality formulations in the Nutritional Supplement Industry for both human and animal needs. We do research, develop, manufacture and distribute a variety of dietary supplements, protein bars, soups, meals, fiber drinks and fortified beverages. Our company has a base of products for the Vitamin/Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical industries. The diverse product line contains many value-added granulations and custom formulations. Baby foods formulated to supplement your babys diet. Our patented, GRAS-designated ingredients are designed for the nutritional supplement, functional food and beverage, cosmetic and animal nutrition market. Our employees are dedicated to an unmatched commitment of quality and service for every product we produce.

High level of supervision goes into the production process. Our products provide the most effective dietary supplements to promote maximum fitness and overall better health. WHO recognizes that poverty, social inequality and the lack of education are the root causes of malnutrition and stresses that improvements in human welfare, including nutritional well-being, must be at the center of social and economic development efforts. To help low socio economic groups, we have determined to work together to eliminate hunger and all forms of malnutrition. Main objectives include

* Famine and famine-related deaths;
* Starvation and nutritional deficiency diseases in communities affected by natural and man-made disasters;
* Iodine and vitamin A deficiencies;
* Water supply for irrigation.

We also pledged to reduce substantially:
* Starvation and widespread chronic hunger;
* Under nutrition, especially among children, women and the aged; * Other important micronutrient deficiencies, including iron; * Diet-related communicable and non-communicable diseases; * Social and other impediments to optimal breast-feeding; * Inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene, including unsafe drinking water. We took a large portion of our profit to start these programs. Selected volunteers will educate the people about the importance of nutrition and proper food intake. Pregnant ladies are supervised and informed about their special nutrition requirements; we provide free samples of iron, iodine and vitamins for this category of females. Explaining the importance of breast feeding will encourage the children feeding on breast milk to be immune to diseases in a natural way. Saving the rain water is very much important for irrigation.

Amartyasen , a well-known Economist who needs no introduction says that There is enough food available for everyone but the ability to buy food is lacking Hence we also want to create opportunities to raise their income. As most of the rural people are based on agriculture, we focus on development of agriculture as well. Teaching villagers the techniques to save rain water and usage of optimal ground water will help them in agricultural purposes. Our company has tie-ups with Agro-seeds Company. They provide high yielding variety of seeds. We will provide these seeds at subsidized rates to the farmers so that they can get high yielding crops and good income. JEENA is the name of the program in which we have included all these activities. Jeena basically focuses on improving the health and fitness of low socio-economic individuals and thereby improving their wellbeing.

Customer identification is the primary setup. Since urban people are now being educated and know the importance of nutrition, our products are gaining importance. We market our products to all locations. And especially to doctors, they prescribe the drugs to the required people. But in rural areas and people with low income it is difficult to find customers. Hence by giving our products at subsidized rates will encourage the low income individuals to take nutrition supplements. Creating the awareness about the problems faced because of malnutrition will encourage everyone to consume the nutritious diet. There are many questions which are unaddressed in regard to the approach. They can be potential risks involved in the business. Risks may be categorized as Threats, this can be from political view or catastrophic (e.g. Natural disaster or critical public infrastructure failures) or climate changes. Other risk is it can be vulnerable i.e. chances of undesirable outcome.

Though our products are approved by FDA, few people with other diseases may not find it suitable for them, especially animal products. Finding sufficient number of volunteers to go and create awareness is another challenge. To see the Change it takes cost and time as the variables. In places like Ramnad, water lords may restrict our activities. People may not behave as expected and it is difficult to judge their behavior. As per poor economics, low income individuals are not willing to spend more on food even if their salary increases. Such unpredictable human nature may hinder the plan. To mitigate the risk, our risk management system is aiming to address the uncertainty in the market place. They create controls and countermeasures to minimize or eliminate the disruption, loss or damage to business operations and shorten recovery time from unwanted event and thereby reducing its impact on business.

Taking the help of surveys and questionnaires will help us to know the loopholes in our process. Educating people will solve most of the unwanted probability of our program being successful. Marketing our products to the remote locations will increase its demand and it will be easily accepted by low socio economic groups. To avoid the side effects, we do preliminary health diagnosis of the person and give the appropriate supplements. Making profit is not our motto but we do have profits. We have huge profits in the commercial business.

A big portion of it goes to help the low socio-economic people. Apart from that we follow a scheme in which we made all our customers and people in villages who are being benefitted by us to involve in a scheme under Jeena, in which each person pays a small token of money. All this money is in turn used for their own benefit. People taking nutritious food indicates that they are more tall and healthy who have more production. More productivity leads to higher profits. There are few short-term and long-term plans in our plan. But our program of Jeena will definitely make big difference in near future.

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