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Published: 2020-02-07 23:02:45
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Multinational businesses today have already resorted to offshore outsourcing. This is one of the ways that they have been able to keep up with the rest of the world in delivering services to those who need it. This particular type of technology has become one of the most lucrative business efforts that big-name corporations can enter in. As the twenty-first century progresses into the age of knowledge, technology and information management, the WAN or Wide Area Network has become one of the most slippery technologies to get a solid grip on.

The success of a companys WAN rests on so many factors such as the integrity and security of the connections in the network as well as the seamless integration of both the telecom and ISPs of that particular corporation. But more importantly, the success of a particular companys wide area network will be based mostly on how well-executed the operations are.

Because a companys own I. T. ystem will probably have so much to worry about to begin with, there is always the option of being able to go into offshore outsourcing for the setting up of the WAN services of the company. The outsourcing of WAN services enables the different applications services to be handled mainly by the offshore account which will mainly shoulder the burden of the mainframe software and the conferencing and e-commerce of the corporation. These are potentially the systems that will be addressed when one decides to elicit offshore outsourcing aid.

Back in 2000, the number of companies which opt for outsourcing has become staggering and it has been revealed that for WAN users, around 27 percent of managers have faith and are satisfied with these particular offshore outsourcing strategy. The remaining 73 percent are only waiting for to switch and may do so after theyve weighed the pros and cons of the technology. (Findarticles. com, 2000) Today, the benefits of WAN have already reached the minds of so many more corporations.

This year has proven that WAN has become a worldwide option not just for several corporations but for booming countries. A network and security services provider, Virtela has already launched their accelerated WAN service which it offers in 190 countries worldwide. Virtela is the first of the WAN corporations to package and productize this particular type of assistance on a global scale which is essentially founded on the emerging technology that can support it. (Parker, 2007)

The available technology regarding global WAN has been able to break the different preconceptions that offering WAN on a global scale is costly or even worse, not feasible. The potential ramification from Virtelas first step is that the cost of the technology will go down as different competitors will be bidding for dominance in the marketplace. This, effectively translates to more opportunities for offshore outsourcing because the technology issue has already been addressed.

By simply breaking the longstanding notion that global WAN is not plausible, the offshore outsourcing industry will eventually have a new area to explore as well a new technology to acknowledge. This will now open up potential offshore outsourcing opportunities for more companies and will efficiently complement those existing offshore ventures done by previous companies. All in all, the opportunities for the technology and its introduction in a global scale will ultimately force up competitors to drive the price of the service down and enable other potential offshore outsourcing companies to rise.

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