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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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With sport being more globalized it can be used as a political tool. The Olympics are meant to be a time when all wars are stopped and the countries play to the traditional Olympic spirit. This shows that sport can have major political implications, and the Olympics have been used in many other ways to demonstrate a particular argument. Certain governments can use political tactics in a sporting context to exercise there believes. The USA and the USSR both boycotted each others Olympic games at the time of the Cold War and the satellites used in outer space.

Also when South Africa was in apartheid it was boycotted and the black people were not allowed to play in national sport and so all non- white and communist nations boycotted the country and many white nations would not send any national teams there. So again sport is shown to have great political. The 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin were a chance for Adolf Hitler to show of his Aryan master Race but this failed when Jesse Owens, a black athlete managed to win many medals.

Countries have realised that sport is an object in which the public of a nation can, in effect, see which country is better than another and so it has become very important, for the countries to do well in national sport competitions. Most countries feel this matter of importance and so a lot of the government money is put into sport each year. There is a Minister of Sport in the British Government so again sport is shown as an important factor to consider when running a country. In France, UK and the US some ethnic groups are poorly represented in certain areas of sport within those countries.

Within the UK there is a strong feeling of discontempt of the English from the Celts, being the Scots, Welsh and Irish. All have certain emotions against England due to events in the past and this makes competition between the home nations very emotive and they only ever join up 4 years in rugby to become the British Lions. However, the French find it a lot easier as there is only one major racial group and the community has a very strong sense of national identity. The USA has developed different sports for different race it seems that basketball is predominantly a black sport where as baseball is played by a lot of Italians.

The us government encourages every cultural group living in the USA¦ to keep its ethnic identity. So when a team reaches the Superbowl from one conference they have the support of the whole of that conference as they take on the other conference. However, what all of these countries has in common is when the sports performers are chosen for their country they are proud to represent it. All three of the nations have a strong nationalistic appeal, and this leads onto patriotism. Patriotism is when you feel strongly for your country and you support them for what they do.

This is particularly emphasised in sport especially when the elite sports performers are in action. Youll find this when supporters will travel all over the world to watch their team play. Most recently was the British Lions tour to Australia, there were so many British fans that it was commented on that it seemed like a home crowd, that shows patriotism and the way in which the supporters feel so strongly about their country doing well. However, this can have its bad points such as the behaviour of football hooligans who let their patriotic feelings go to far.

Another example of bad behaviour of supporters due to an over zealous love for their country was in the Atlanta 96 games where the America fans only cheered for the American gymnasts, and this was commented on. This again shows how much sport means so much to people, especially when watching elite athletes perform. For each country to do well they need a grass roots scheme where children of a young age can take up sport and be thoroughly enthralled to play the game so they aim to become an elite performer. There needs to be a set- up so any performer that is good enough can progress up the ladder to become an elite performer.

To gain top elite athletes you need a wide base to choose from and this would be so there is more competition between athletes. Therefore the athletes that get away from the rest would be more able and determined performers. This obviously is what is needed to gain a top-level athlete to perform on a world stage. I think that this diagram depicts better what I mean. RED = Grass root level where there are a lot of players of a low skill level, playing for their school or a local team. BLUE = Playing for a county side or breaking into a senior side which is reasonably high up in the league system.

Not so many players but of a better skill level. YELLOW = Going for trials at a national level but not quite making it and rather playing for a regional side. Very few players of a very high skill level. GREEN = Hardly any players breaking through to national sides and further. Extremely few numbers of players of an elite skill level. Each of the three countries Im am going to talk about employ different grass root schemes and different physical education regimes, to achieve different results. I will now find out the differences between France, UK and the US.

In recent years I would have to say that on world scale the Americans seem to do the best, in the sports they compete in. In the Olympics they are at the top of the medals list every time, they are excellent at golf and they are up and coming in football and rugby. They will improve in football and rugby as the government invests more money in to the sport they will become one of the best teams around. This is due to the fact that they have such a broad amount of players to choose from as the country is so big that let alone just one of the many states is much bigger than the UK and they have 50 of them!

Then there is France who always at the top for most national sporting events, they have recently won the European Championships and the World Cup in football, let alone getting to the final of the rugby World Cup. Then theres the UK who always seem to be lingering within the top nations but can never put their fingers on a trophy. So overall, I would say that USA were the more successful at elite level with wins in the Olympics, Golf (personal and team events such as the Ryder Cup), Tennis, Pool etc.

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