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1. General technical requirements for the engine trolley is provided in Appendix A

2. Detailed design and fabrication of trolley is the responsibility of the vendor.

3. Vendor shall use standard durable, good quality, commercially available items such as wheels, tyres, plates, fasteners etc.

4. Aesthetics shall be given importance in design.

5. The first fabricated trolley is to be submitted for scrutiny as per General technical requirements. The remaining trolleys are to be fabricated based on the scrutiny and acceptance by GTRE.

6. Vendor is permitted to display his firm name and address at one location on each side with label plate size not exceeding 15—7 cm.

The Vendor shall collect, repair and deliver the trolley to GTRE free of cost in case of damage arising due to improper fabrication and choice of materials.

Based on scrutiny by GTRE user group on compliance to General Technical Requirements

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Appendix A
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Technical Requirements and Specifications of Engine Trolley

Engine trolley will be required for
1) Outdoor use (shifting the engine between assembly hanger and test bed)and
2) Display of Engine in various exhibitions.
Loading Details
Max Load : 1600 kg
Location of C.G: 780mm from front mount along engine axis towards rear. The Schematic drawing of Engine Trolley is presented as drawing TAS0001100. The following technical requirements shall be studied with reference to this drawing. Dimensions which ever marked critical must be maintained. Minor changes in other dimensions are permitted to adapt with standard commercially available items and vendors own design Chassis: Frame construction using standard I Section.

Mounting frames:

Front mounting frame to be fixed and shall be constructed as shown in drawing. Rear mount should incorporate provision for varying mount to-mount distance .The mounting frames should clear engine boundary shown in the drawing. The front and rear mounting blocks are GTRE components and therefore not included in this scope of work. It is shown in the drawing only for complete understanding Tyre size: 145 R12

Leading dimensions:
Wheel base: 1678 mm
Track width: 1520 mm
Steering angle: +30 to -30 degrees
Parking brakes to be provided on one pair of wheels operable through mechanical linkage. Brake lever shall be positioned at an easily accessible location.
Screw jack:
Used to support the entire trolley along with pay load rigidly during loading/unloading/LRUs and accessories assembly by orienting engine. General
1. All exposed sharp corners shall be blended/chamfered for safety reasons. 2. The surfaces shall be protected with metal primer (2coats) and painted with Golden yellow (2 coat) for external surfaces.

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