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Published: 2020-01-29 09:00:05
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This paper will clearly display a diagram of an organism of the students choice. This organism will display all of the main structures of the primary organs by labeling. Careful research will exhibit the concepts of natural selection and adaptation. Selected organism will address the proper concepts that apply. Three physiological adaptions were investigated by the student. Upon conclusion of the students investigation, knowledge will grant the understanding of how physiological adaptions allow the selected organism to thrive in its ecological niche. The organism that was selected for this essay is the Fish. External Anatomy

This diagram below was provided and reproduced with the kind consent of WWW.FLORIDA FISHERIES.COM. Florida Fisheries has developed and provided the illustration of the external detail breakdown of a largemouth bass fish as shown below:

Explanation of why nuisance species like the Fish share an equal importance to the economy and to ecology. Fish evolution and adaption process has produced many species that are a great contribution to mankind in many aspects.


There are many variations of fish; who are defined as animals. Fish represents the most common living vertebrates. Currently, there are an estimation of at least 25,000 species of fish who are living today and this number is growing. The cold-blooded fish have a backbone and fins. In addition, fish breathe through an airway named gills. Fish have skin however, on top of the skin is scales. There are some fish who do not have scales; as catfish who only have skin. Fish are able to steer, stop, move, maintain their position and stop by using their fins. The location of these fins vary in different fish. As for the scales on fish they vary as well. Amazingly all fish have a slimy mucus covering that protect fish for obtaining infections.

Fish are referred to as aquatic vertebrates and they have appendages which have gone through the adapted process over a set time frame for the purpose of swimming. Mastering their domain which is water have gained the attention of many scientist. Fish come in various sizes and colors and have hearty appetites which substantiates their ability consume a large variety of foods.

Evolution and Adaption Process

There are many different species of fish. The first fish were vertebrates which were labeled as Ostracoderms. These fish were evident during the Cambrian Period approximately 510 million years ago. These vertebrates became extinct when the Devonian period ended 350 million years ago. One of the distinct character traits of these fish were jawless and their primary home was always in fresh water. Another distinct trait was their size which measured less than 30 cm (1foot long). Their external appearance as a bony scales covering the entire body of the fish. Osteichtyes are a class of bony fish that exist about 20,000. This class of fish which has a history of more than 410 million years include: tuna, eels and many other varieties of bony fish. These fish ceased to exist when a class of large humongous fish like the Sharks, Whales, and Placoderms arrived on the scene.

Evolution has proven for these fish to exist their lungs increased allowing these fish to develop a swim bladder. This evolution process allowed these fish to float in the water no matter how high the water is. In addition, this evolution became very evident in the fish lungs. There are many categories however the three major for bony fish are: lung, ray-fins, and lobed. Their existence depends on the type of water that they live in. When these fish live in fresh water the oxygen level must have at least ninety percent. Their physiological characteristics of these fish gills is to strategic conduct a gas exchange where these fish maneuver water across their blood vessels. This fish gills are a very important physical trait which is covered by opercula. This part of the fish looks like large plates. Digestive, and circulatory systems of these fish operate with a heart that has only two chambers.


Fish are a proven great contribution to all of mankind. Their evolution has proven to be very successful for a proven source for all of mankind. Gaining a greater understanding of their past to present will establish boundaries to protect their ongoing evolution. Some of the concepts of adaption and concepts of natural selection of how these fish thrive in its ecological niche have been addressed.



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