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The selected organization for the topic is AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a construction company that focuses on remodeling of residential homes along with weatherization on commercial and residential buildings. Description of organizational structure of AAA remodeling will be given. Two other organizational structures will be selected for the use of contrast and comparison. The organizational functions of the various structures will be identified to determine influence on the organizational structure.

Explanation of organization design aids in the effort in choosing which structure will work best for AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a construction company who provides full-service home remodeling services. It is a small business with about ten employees (Martin, 2011). It is a locally owned and operated family business with over 15 years of experience. They offer quality construction and home improvement services and products at affordable prices, and are dedicated to making remodeling project an exciting one by working with you from start to finish There is the CEO/Owner, office staff, laborers, and HVAC team (Martin, 2011).

The organizational structure is the administration, human resources, and production department (Martin, 2011). The administration includes the owner and a bookkeeper whom is responsible for payroll and financial. The human resource department is in charge of employees training and hiring (Martin, 2011). The production department includes all laborers (Martin, 2011). The HVAC team is responsible for heating and cooling jobs. The business is small but very functional. Two other businesses are selected to show comparison and contrast. The first business selected is Anderson Mobile Homes.

Anderson Mobile Homes is a manufactured home dealer (Martin, 2011). The company exists of about 30 employees (Martin, 2011). The business is comparable to AAA Remodeling based on size. The organizational structure is administration, human resource, productions, sales and marketing, and finance (Martin, 2011). The administration department consists of owner and managers (Martin, 2011). The human resource department is responsible for training and hiring employees. The human resource department is similar to that of AAA Remodeling. The production department is the laborers in which set and place the mobile homes after purchase (Martin, 2011).

The sales and marketing department is used to market different ad campaigns along with sales the mobile homes that are on site (Martin, 2011). The finance department is used for accounts receivable and payable (Martin, 2011). This structure is different compared to AAA Remodeling because the structuring in AAA Remodeling uses the administration department to complete same task. The next company used for comparison and contrast is Mesa Construction. Mesa Construction is a construction company focus on new construction in southern New Mexico (Martin, 2011).

The company has about 50 employees and 420 plus members in the BIA approximately one-third are licensed builders and the remaining members are subcontractors, suppliers of materials, and providers of services. All of the members have a vested interest in the success of home building in our community. They all work together to provide the communitys housing A fourteen-member board of directors, a five-member executive committee, and executive officer manage the BIA. There are 16 committees, task forces, forums, and councils. The BIAs activities are planned and managed by volunteer members and a staff of five.

The BIAs purpose is to protect the American dream of home ownership. They have the following mission statement: Chartered in 1959, the Building Industry of Southern New Mexico is comprised of members of the building industry and its affiliates. As the voice of the building industry, we serve our members and the community by: Promoting balanced economic development; providing education; and promoting professionalism. (Martin, 2011). The organizational structure is administration, human resources, finance, production, and sales and marketing (Martin, 2011).

The organization structure is similar of Anderson Mobile Homes but different than AAA remodeling. The administration accompanies the CEO, vice president, and managers. The human resource department is responsible for training and recruitment of employees (Martin, 2011). The finance department of the organization is responsible for accounts receivable and payable (Martin, 2011). The production is filled with different level laborers responsible of building of new homes (Martin, 2011). The sales and marketing department is responsible for sales and marketing new homes (Martin, 2011).

Each company has similarities and differences in the organizational structure. The different size companies show how organizational structures play a huge part of the companys success. AAA remodeling organizational functions influence and determine the organizational structure. The various task needed to run a business is separated into different departments. The departments represent the organizational structure. Because of the company selected small number of employees the organizational structure is smaller than other companies. Each organizational structure is responsible for different task.

The organizational structure of the human resource department is an example. The human resource department has to assure there is recruitment of skilled employees to fit into open positions. The departments also have to ensure that proper training is existent to ensure new and existing employees success in his or her position. If there human resource structure was not available then the function of the responsibilities would be lead by a different structure in which could cause an issue with effectiveness and efficiency When looking into various organizational designs, compatibility is a must for AAA Remolding.

First the company is a small business. To use each employee to the fully to save on cost is a priority. So the organizational structure must be able to categorized task base on the company size. Spreading the employees to thin, such as one person per structure is not feasible. The services that AAA Remodeling uses such as remodeling and weatherization has to be considered. The two different teams are experienced in different but similar construction services. So it would be feasible to create an organizational structure that promoted both teams. The organizational structure can use the design capability of setting boundaries.

The design used will initiate boundaries and responsibilities for each structure. Using boundaries can create an organized company in which each structure works to meet a common goal. In summary AAA Remodeling was the organization chosen. The organizational structure of the company is currently administration, human resources, and production department The organizational structure was compared with two similar but different companies of Anderson Mobile Homes and Mesa Construction. All three companies were previously or currently worked by myself. The organizational structures of each company was compared and contrasted.

The organizational functions of each organizational structure was identified. So function was the main idea behind the various structures at AAA Remodeling. The organizational design of compatibility, services, and boundaries was examined. The organizational design influences the type of organizational structure will meet the common effort of everyone meeting the goal of the business.

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