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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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There is an important event that happens in every persons life. That important event may be a number of things. Such as someone winning the lottery or even having a tragic loss in the family. My important event in life was the day I conquered my fear of heights. Everyone has some type of fear or phobia that absolutely petrifies them. Whether its a fear of snakes, swimming, or even germs, it can be conquered as I discovered. That day I overcame my fear of heights took place at Six Flags over Texas. The day started out with my five friends and me going to a Student Council convention.

After the convention we were granted access to Six Flags for the whole day. Now the only problem for me was Six Flags had roller coasters. Rollercoasters are notorious for there g-forces and skyscraper heights. So I was trembling with my fear of heights all the way there. My friends tried to comfort me on the way there in anyway possible. I said, You know Im scared of heights, plus have you never seen Final Destination 3? Mitch quickly said, Man thats just a movie it almost never happens. I said, Almost never? Then Jessa said, Rollercoasters accidents sometimes happen at carnivals but this is a major park. I said, Thanks yall, you all are real confidence boosters.

By the time we were done jabbering, we had arrived at Six Flags. My anxiety grew as I stepped closer and closer to the entrance. I got my hand stamped and entered the adrenaline junkie park. My first attempts to derail the inevitable succeeded when I convinced my companions to ride what you call baby rides. They soon enough caught on to my plan and grew weary of my nonsense. Colby said. Taylor youre going to ride the Titan sooner or later.

Then Marlee said, Yah, why later and not sooner. I said, The Titan is the biggest one here. Audrey said, Yes it is and once youve done it all the other ones will seem like a breeze. Jessa said, Yah it is not that bad I only blacked out once. I said, Blacked out? Mitch said, Way to go Jessa, now hell probably never go. I said, I Definitely wont go now. After like ten minutes of nagging I finally broke down and said, Ok lets do this. So we set off to the monstrous ride that towered over the entire park. The rides entrance itself made my legs weak with sheer fear. The pathway was like a maze and then the stairs appeared to warn me, by saying turn back now.

As I climbed each step I tried numerous times to escape. The escape attempts were foiled by my so called friends blocking the only exit. I said, Come on guys I can die another day. Audrey quipped, Oh come on Taylor, man up and go on the ride. Now I cant really describe the feeling of having a woman tell me to man up. I said, Ok I got this. I shrugged off all my anxiety and nerves and just went with it. I started feeling confident as I waited in line. Finally the moment arrived where I took my seat on the coaster. At this point my anxiety and fear came rushing back all at once and my blood even seemed to boil.

I realized though if I didnt do this now I probably never would. So I pulled the bar over my stomach and tried not to puke. I closed my eyes as the ride ascended from the platform and came to a stop at the peak. I opened my eyes to nothing but the skyline. I said, Guys if I survive this Im going to kill you all. The moment of truth was upon me now. The Coaster was at the mercy of gravity as we descended the massive drop. In the split second I had before we fell off the earth I knew there was nothing I could do to stop ride. As I dropped my only option was to just go with it and enjoy it if at all possible.

All through the ride I was twisted, turned, and warped. At the end of the adrenaline rushing ride I realized instantly that it was not terrifying at all. I actually enjoyed the experience of feeling like I was falling. I had conquered my fear of heights and had fun doing it. Audrey said, Now that was not too bad. I said, You know it really was not, whos ready to go again? Everyone seemed astonished that I was ready for another ride and they nodded in agreement for round two. With my fear conquered I finished the day having fun and enjoyed a great time with my friends.

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