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Published: 2020-02-04 04:20:26
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Doing a Circuit Training is the best training method I did. It worked specific muscle in different areas of my body (e.g. my arms worked on my triceps and biceps, my legs worked on my calves etc). I did do the exercises in the right order. But since there was a lot of people I had to work in groups in order to use the equipments. In Overload I would have increased the time of the circuit training for 2 hours. So that I would have done 2 minutes on doing the activity, 2 minutes recording. This will improve my overload to progress more on each station, making my body working hard, so my heart rate will increase. So my pulse rate will reach my training zone so that I can have maximum benefit.

I did manage the programme very easily and therefore I didnt alter it in any way, because I did not want to make it harder for myself. I did enjoy the programme but it did cause me a lot of stress. But thanks to my partner, he kept me motivated and concentrated throughout every training. This could be why I went into progression and had a good result. I did not do the circuit in a different order because I didnt want the same type of exercise. I didnt get my maximum result because at week 6, station 8, skipping, I had twisted my ankle making me unable to continue.

Overall at all the station I have progressed throughout my Health Related Programme. Here is what I have progress and what I have increased: Sit-ups: On week 1 I was able to complete 32 sit-ups in a minute. By week 8 I completed 60, therefore, the muscular endurance in my abdominal muscle has increased. Dribbling: On week 1 I was able to complete 15 dribbles. By week 8 I completed 23, therefore, my cardiovascular has increased. This I have felt in my football lessons where I can now dribble through players more easily that before.

Press-ups: On week 1 I was able to complete 41 press-ups in 1 minute. By week 8 I completed 52, therefore, my muscular endurance in my biceps and triceps has increased. I therefore can throw throw-in balls during football matches. Step-ups: On week 1 I was able to complete 60 step-ups in a minute. By week 8 I completed 64, therefore, my muscular endurance in my lower body has increased. Shuttle Run: On week 1 I was capable of completing 7 shuttle runs in a minute. By week 8 I completed 16, therefore, my cardiovascular endurance has increased.

Passing: On week 1 I was able to complete 35 passes in a minute. By week 8 I was capable of doing 51 passes. Therefore my passing accuracy has increased so now I can passes to players more accurately and skill fully. Shooting: On week 1 I completed 4 shots in a minute. By week 8 I completed 5 shots. This increased my shooting power in my legs which increased my muscular strength. I can now shoot goals more accurately and more powerful then I did before. Skipping: On week 1 I was able to complete 90 skips in a minute. At week 6 I had an ankle injury which I could not participate during that week. By week 8 I completed 121. This has increased my cardiovascular endurance. This increased my stamina which I can run for long on the pitch.

I did do reversibility in other stations like shooting because I had a lack of tiredness which I could only do certain station better than others like Passing and Skipping. I did have a minor ankle injury in week 6 but this did not affect me gong into reversibility. I was quite unhappy that my normal pulse rate hasnt decreased but at times it has but I do think I am fitter because I progressed a lot during these pass 8 weeks. I had a positive experience because this was the first time I had to plan, perform, monitor and evaluate a health related programme.

It was hard for me to manage my circuit training because there was not enough specialist equipment to help me progress even more. Also I had to share with other student in groups to use the equipment that we already had. Plus the space we had was not enough because we couldnt do the circuit training outside because of the weather and equipment reasons. I reckon I could have done better if I had increased Overload. What I would have in creased in Overload was frequency, intensity, time and type. Frequency: I would I have trained at least twice a week instead of training once a week so I could progress more and quickly Intensity: I would have increased my heart rate to a higher level to progress in Training Zone by working harder at each station.

Time: I would have increased the amount of time on each station for about 4 minutes. 2 minutes for doing the activity. 2 minutes for recording the results. Type: I would have increased the number of stations to 10 instead of 8 because this will then increase the different types of working on the body. So the variety will stop boredom. I would have included weight training in conjunction with my circuit training because this will increase my muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance more effectively on my body while doing the circuit training at the same time. This would have progressed more into the aims that I have set in specificity.

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