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Published: 2020-02-22 00:31:10
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Anything affecting everyone everywhere in a number of countries can be termed to be a pandemic. There are three conditions necessary for a pandemic to occur. For one a disease has to crop up in a population. Secondly it has to cause serious illness amongst human beings. It should also spread fast and sustain ably. A condition or a disease cannot be termed to as a pandemic just because it is spreading fast or it is killing many people, it has to be infectious.

For a country to effectively deal with a pandemic there are so many factors that have to be in place. The government must strive to ensure that all the public resources are effectively managed, this ensures that everything is in place. The Modern American society being a fast growing country needs good management of the public resources. The American society is a well educated society. It is a society with the most learned people. A society with a high educated population is greatly developed in terms of technology and infrastructure.

America has well learned professionals who strive to achieve the best for their nation. The calling from the American Hospital association requesting for more funding in order for the country to be ready for any pandemic that may arise was a wise decision. This shows that the society itself is fully prepared, to deal with any occurrence. This is a great advantage to the common man in that society, as s/ he does not have to incur the great costs most of which he cannot afford. The hospital association was mostly preparing for the flu pandemic.

Due to the regular occurrence of the flu pandemics throughout history, there are preparations to determine the kind of home agency that can survive the forth coming flu successfully in terms of financial matters. There are some factors that affect the home care bottom line agency. These may include the vaccine and the anti neutral viral drugs there are the costs associated with the pandemic. There are various suggestions offered for the financial survival of a pandemic. Some of the suggestion include planning in advance financially and stockpiling six essential supplies that can last for a period of about six to eight months.

The government should also be fully committed and this should be shown clearly by passing some rules that will be of benefits to the citizens such as the insurance for the home plan. The government should also demonstrate its participation through declarations such as declaring a pandemic emergent either nationally or regionally. The flu pandemic is an epidemic of the influenza virus that spreads vividly world wide infecting a large human population. These pandemics are irregularly in occurrence. Pandemics are known to cause a high mortality rate.

The influenza pandemic is known to occur when new influenza virus is transmitted to the human species from other animal species. There is a time the levees collapsed in new Orleans the American faith crumbled, but the homeland secretary claimed it a catastrophe bey old human understanding. In the real sense the failure was not due to lack of foresight. The truth was that the local authorities and the federal state had a plan for the government response inc case of a hurricane in New Orleans. They had even practiced it, but when Katrina struck the results turned abysmal.

This shows that the American society was ready for a pandemic but the Katrina occurrence was behold human control. The presence of scientists in the American society makes the society be aware of when the next pandemic is likely to occur as the scientists warn when the next pandemic is likely to occur. They cannot predict the type of influenza flu that is mostly likely to cause a pandemic, or even the time when the next pandemic may mostly occur. The government is working hard in ensuring that the nation is free from any pandemic.

It is even collaborating with the health experts in order to ensure strong lines of defense in fighting a pandemic. The government is out to ensure that less human being will suffer. The very first defense that the American society has undertaken is the ability to detect a coming pandemic. The international agencies which are three are working very hard in controlling the global efforts that they may be able to track the other types of influenza and H5N1. Other organization that is still involved in co ordinating the pandemic is the World Health Organization.

According to (Brandt, p. 12), the American society is in the fore front leading the world in its commitment to the global pandemic of HIV/Aids. Recently the government of America gave a contribution of about halve a billion dollar to fight Aids, the fund was released to the Global fund. The American society is still the largest contributor towards the global the global fund. The American people have more of their recourses committed to the global response on HIV/ AIDS. This is a clear indication of the societys great commitment towards the pandemic inc case it strikes.

They are well prepared this is clearly shown by their latest contribution of over $531 million which was provided through PEPFAR. This was the largest ever provided sum to the Global Fund at any time. This is a representation of the continued commitment of the American government in dealing with the pandemic. This helps in promoting the countys ownership of programs that help in providing the necessary care and treatments and prevention to people affected by tuberculosis, malaria and Aids. In fighting pandemics like the flu the American government came up with the National Strategy for Pandemic.

The strategy was meant to meet three important goals these were one to detect outbreaks that are said to occur everywhere in the world. Then the American people had to be protected. This protection was ensured by large stockpiling of anti neutral viral drugs together with vaccines. The ability of the country to produce new vaccines rapidly against a pandemic strain was encouraged. The other thing that was put in to consideration was the readiness to respond to the Feral. The modern American society is better positioned in technology and can be able to detect a pandemic flu outbreak.

The society further supports efforts to curb the pandemic in its earlier stages. This limits the pandemic spread and saves lives. The American society has gone an extra mile of having international partners,through the international partnership on pandemic and Avian. The society is working with countries that are most affected and also the other international partners in preventing, containing and detecting animal outbreaks. Thus they are able to prevent the virus exposure on human beings through planning thus they become better prepared inc case of a future outbreak.

The government in a way of curbing future pandemics has continued to train more animal health workers and human health workers in response to a outbreak. The American government has also deployed more personal protective kits to more than 70 countries to be used by the outbreak response team and the surveillance workers. Vital technical expertise have been provided by the American government for them to investigate the actual outbreak. It is also supporting efforts on the improvement of networks on early warning and laboratory diagnosis.

According to (Clayton, p. 348) he suggested that for the government to really protect its employees, it has come up with an organization that ensures that all the employees rights are protected. They have also developed protocols and the best practices in response to the pandemics. Efforts have also been doubled in developing the clinical surveillance in the state so that they can target and refine the efforts in the right way possible during a pandemic. The medical capacity has been expanded for it to cater for a large number of patients.

The government is also committed in its efforts to work with pharmaceutical industry and the World Health Organization to develop the global vaccine and its access. Community mitigation has also been implemented and community resilience have also been built. The government is continuing working with non federal stakeholders in an attempt to address the political consideration of implementation which may include feasibility and legal. Camus the plague was a popular novel. It is a town in Algeria which was quarantined on plague arrival. In the beginning of the story there are many rats dieing in the streets.

While the inhabitants start getting ill with a strange illness. Latter in that year in the month of April the inhabitants began to notice more dying and dead rats. Fear struck throughout the population. The cremation of rats began as the human species start getting ill with a mysterious fever. This convinced the doctors that it was bubonic fever. The authorities as usual are slow to act and this made the whole city became plague ravaged and was declared under quarantine. This was according to (Albert, p. 506) One thing that was amazing was the public response the plague. Some natives attempted to escape the city which was sealed.

Others remained in the city to fight the plague in their best way possible. The plague was embraced by at least one citizen in the city of Oran. The citizen had to be a criminal and that the police were seeking for him. This citizen had to be living in fear and had to be hiding. When the plague struck he lived in a new community of fear. He exploited the plague and acted as a smuggler while at the some time making a good fortune. It was after several months that the people of Oran discovered what the collective suffering and what it had done. They then put aside their personal misfortune in order for them to deal with the plague.

When the plague passed and the routine was back to normal. Latter the rats began to die again, but although the plague left Oran the microbe of bacillus is very much dormant and that the plague could find its way so easily. This story may be interpreted to mean the moral evil or be the human condition as a symbol of nature. Despite the many meanings the plague might signify, the characters must face the situation and decide on their attitude. If the characters accept their condition with a religious resignation, they should exploit their situation that they can make maximize their profit.

They may even band up in order to benefit as a community. The story encourages a society to gang up together in working out things for the benefit of the society at large. The American society is a good example of a society that unites in dealing with difficult issues for the benefits of the society at large. The American society is out to ensure that the members of its community dont suffer from any pandemic, that the reason its well prepared in terms of dealing with the misfortunes and pandemics. The American society is well prepared in dealing with the pandemic.

In cases where a pandemic has occurred and the community has not been able to control it like in the cases of Katrina, that was beyond human control but the government had tried its level best. In terms of technology it has the best and it maximizes it to give the best to its society. The society has a large number of learned population which lowers the poverty level. An educated population easily understands ideas and are able to maintain hygiene preventing diseases like cholera that may cause a cholera outbreak pandemic.

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