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Published: 2020-02-17 07:11:53
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Standards measure how well each student is moving ahead toward the academic standards at the various developmental levels. For a parent to assist his or her child to do better in school, viewing the standards would be a helpful starting point. I am teaching K-3 level and these are the standards that Im using to assess the development of my students: 1. Children learn as total persons (emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually). 2. Children go through similar stages of development, but at individual rates. 3.

Children learn through their senses (hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling). 4. Children learn through active involvement (exploring, playing, manipulating, problem-solving). 5. Children learn through attitudes as well as through content; therefore, attention should be given to methods, emotional climate, environment, and teacher-child interaction. 6. Children learn through play; therefore, sensitivity to the value of play is required, for it is through play that children create their own meaning and learning schemes. Play is the work of the child.

If a parent would ask me about the level of the standards his child is performing, I would answer him back that he could be between grade 1 and grade 2 because he can accomplish some of the given standards. Various fields would be in grade 1 and some would be in grade 2 relying on the specific standard. When it comes to the performance of his child in relation to the standards, I would explain to the parent that his juvenile is doing great. The way his child apply the knowledge he had learned through his senses, makes him proficient.

I can also observed that he developed rapidly when it comes to his emotional, social, physical and intellectual aspects. As he follows and accepts the standards, I can observe that he is extremely commendable. But sometimes because he is still young and span of his attention is very short, he cant perform well the necessary activities for the reasons that he has tantrums and too tired. As a teacher, I have the responsibility to develop and guide them. Thus, I follow the standards because the expectations of student knowledge and skills are justified within the standards at each grade level.

It also assists me in planning instruction as well as identifying to parents what knowledge and skills that their child should learn. I use modern approaches, strategies and techniques to help each child learn to the best of his or her ability. Working closely with each child to give him or her one-on-one attention can be extremely advantageous when learning new things. Im very determined to push them to join the group learning because it helps not only learn the subject matter at hand but also to learn skills such as cooperation and working together as a team though they are still young.

To verify that the student has met the standard, testing and evaluation of each childs work is performed. Periodic class tests and quizzes are given too not only to determine an individual childs understanding of the subject matter, but also to get an overall picture of the entire class comprehension. Furthermore, this allows the teacher and parents to not only confirm that a student is meeting the standards, but also identify that he or she is effective at communicating the required knowledge and information.

For example, during the examination period, if a student is behind the others in the class, or in need of extra work or extra attention, then that particular help can be given before the state-wide testing. While it is sometimes needed to hold a student back a year if he or she is truly having a hard time grasping the information, this is an occasional incidence. However, staying back can permit a student to comprehend the information more clearly based upon the standards and proceed on successfully.

Parents are the most important influence on their child. Therefore, parents need to appreciate how their child is progressing and support in identifying academic areas where he or she may need extra attention. Using assessments, which provides a measure of school accountability, will show if a student has developed the academic foundation necessary to succeed in school. Reference Boyd, R. (1998) Mississippi Kindergarten Guidelines, Mississippi Department of Education Fourth Edition, February 1998 http://www. mde. k12. ms. us/ACAD/Kguide. htm

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