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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Parenting factors range from diet and nutrition, relationship with parental figures, tight schedules of working parents, early parenthood, kinship care, foster care, child abuse and neglect (Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002, p3-4). Diet and Nutrition has played a very important role most specially on the developing stage of a childrens life. The lack of proper nutrition has a significant effect on proper behavior.

The deficiencies on iron, iodine, and other protein rich food could have a negative effect on the childs development, and on the long run, on its behavior (Shonkoff, 2001) and Grantham-McGregor et al (2000) as cited from (Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002). Parents who also deal with their children based on fear poses a negative effect as well on their social development.

More specifically, parents who are too stern, give punishments that are too unsympathetic and in some other cases establishes inconsistent rules of punishment has a bad effect on their children Hastings et al (2000) and UNICEF et al (1993) as cited from (Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002). In relation with this, parents who are too occupied with work tend to overlook the needs of their children.

Another case would be with regard to teenage parents. More often than not, single mothers tend to be immature due to the lack of proper education and also the difficulty of earning a living. In some cases, children who ended up being raised on family relatives, foster care facilities and the likes also have a greater tendency of developing challenging behaviors (Michigan Non Profit Association, 2002).

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