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Published: 2019-11-18 04:20:30
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1. Physical

a. I will develop a workout schedule for me to do throughout the summer time and for the rest of my time here in college.

b. There are so many reasons to exercise regularly (better health, weight loss, feeling happier all around), and so many reasons to just, well, not (happy hour, errand-filled days, vacations). If the latter reasons are getting the best of you, here are four simple ways to stick to a workout routine.

c. My state of change would be preparation.

d. I will be doing this scheduling within the next few weeks or month. I will start by writing out the schedule and do specific workouts each day to target different parts of my body. In doing so, I will also write out stretching and cool down workouts as well to balance out the work intake.

e. Some barriers that I might face are feeling lazy, in taking the wrong foods which will lead me to not wanting to work out and negativity from people around me. They way that I will overcome these barriers is to avoid having the feeling of laziness, not in taking the wrong types of food and to not listen to any negativity that comes out of others around me.

f. The way I will commit this plan is by thinking of the end result; having the satisfaction of being in control of my body and proving peoples negativity wrong.

2. Spiritual

a. My goal for spirituality will be to starting going back to church and participating in meditations.

b. The benefits of meditation are manifold because it can reverse your stress response, thereby shielding you from the effects of chronic stress. When practicing meditation, your heart rate and breathing slow down, your blood pressure normalizes, you use oxygen more efficiently, and you sweat less.

c. My state of change would be preparation.

d. I will do meditations at least three times a week or when needed to relieve stress. I will start going back to church when I go back home on Sunday and this will continue for the rest of my time there and when I come back to school.

e. Some barriers that I might face are not having the time to fit meditation in when I have a busy work schedule and being unable to go to church if I work on Sundays. Ways that I can counter these barriers are rescheduling my work hours around the time me and my family would be going to church and putting aside time for meditation to relieve all the stress from work and school.

f. The way that I will commit to this plan is by thinking of how less stress I will be if I did meditation and by going to church with my family will help create a strong bond between us that we havent had in quite a long while.

3. Social

a. My goal is to create a strong friendship with those who I care for the most; my friends and my family.

b. Youre shy or lack confidence, talking to people can be very stressful. Thats why its a good idea to work to improve your social skills. Once you feel comfortable interacting with people in a social setting, youll see the benefits immediately. Youll meet new friends, youll be exposed to new experiences, and youll feel 100 percent better about yourself. Here are some simple steps to help you feel comfortable in public.

c. My state of change would be action.

d. I expect that I will start be more social with my friends now that school is about to finish. I also intend to be social with my immediate family; spending more time with them, talking and visiting them now that I will be staying home.

e. Some barriers that I might face are being unable to hang out with friends because of my busy schedule or because their busy schedule and being unable to visit my family because I have no transportation to get there. How I will overcome these barriers will be to make time for them and put aside things that are unnecessary to do. Ill do the same for seeing and making time for my family.

f. The way I will stay committed to this plan is imagining how happy my family members will seem when they see me after not seeing each other for about two years or so and the same with my friends.

4. Intellectual

a. My goal is to studying hard for my finals that are soon to be arriving and do a time management chart to organize all my studying time.

b. Developing time management skills is a journey that may begin with this Guide, but needs practice and other guidance along the way. One goal is to help yourself become aware of how you use your time as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your studies in the context of competing activities of friends, work, family, etc.

c. My state of change would be termination.

d. I will set specific times to study and organize my work according to the date of the final. Making sure I put the important things to get them done and out of the way for the next study session.

e. Some barriers that I might face while doing this would be not getting enough sleep at night because I want to get everything done right away, not being able to retain all the information that I just took in and neglecting to eat. How I will overcome these barriers will be to get sleep to help me retain the information and make time to eat so I get my nutrients that I need to keep going.

f. The way I will stay committed is the gratitude of being done and satisfaction of passing all my classes with good grades.

5. Emotional

a. My goal to relieve my build-up emotions will be through dancing.

b. People can avoid these common emotional traps and improve your emotional health, attitudes, and self-esteem. One method of shifting emotion is called the BARES model.

c. My state of change would be action.

d. Instead of keeping my emotions to myself, I will relieve them through dancing in my room or by going to a dance party.

e. Some barriers that I may face will be not wanting to dance or not wanting to talk to anyone about all the emotions that I have inside. Some ways that I can overcome these barriers is to pick good music to dance to or have my boyfriend be my dancing partner and create a strong bond as well as relieving stress and emotions build-up.

f. The way I will stay committed to the plan is knowing that with expressing my emotions, I will become a better person and be less stress especially with finals ahead.

6. Environmental

a. My goal is to take less time taking a shower than taking a longer one.

b. Your morning or evening shower is very easily the most relaxing part of your entire day. Sometimes it just feels so good to close your eyes and stand under the rain-like flow of your showerhead. The only problem is, sometimes our most relaxing showers are also the ones that waste the most water (and therefore waste the most energy, too),-One-Shorter-Shower-at-a-Time!”Follow-These-Shower-Efficiency-Tips&id=199375

c. My state of change would be action.

d. Starting now, taking less time in the shower would be beneficial to the environment because I will be wasting less water and less energy to keep the lights on when showering.

e. Some barriers that I can face will be to having the feeling of not wanting to shorten my showers because they feel good to me and because the water feels good when taking it after a sports game or work out. Some ways to overcome these barriers are to tell myself that I will be helping the environment and saving energy.

f. The way I will stay committed to this plan is knowing that Im helping out the world instead of myself.

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