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Published: 2020-01-22 05:22:46
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Section I: My Role in my Education I recently finished a diploma program at Remington College for Medical Billing and Coding in October 2010. I successfully completed 9 months of being on the Deans list and had perfect attendance throughout the program. I also received the Distinguished Graduate Award for most outstanding student of the Medical Billing and Coding program. I recently decided to continue my education to obtain my Associates Degree in Health Information Technology. I will be finished with my Associates program in June 2012. In five years, I plan on working as a manager for a well-established organization. My ultimate goal is to continue my education until I obtain my Masters Degree so that I can continue moving up the ladder until I am at the top where there is nothing else left to achieve.

There are many obstacles in life that could get in the way of accomplishing my goals but I will just share three of the obstacles with you. The first and most important I think would have to be the lack of support. Even though I have moved back in with my parents while I am in school, I get no positive support from them. I really surprised them at graduation back in October for my diploma program when I was announced as the Distinguished Graduate. I am taking this no support from family as positive motivation to prove them all wrong when I obtain my educational goal which is finishing my Associates Degree.

Another obstacle that could get in my way of achieving my goal would be my mindset or attitude. In the past when I younger and going to college I use to not have the right attitude for school. I was into just having fun and worrying about my grades. Now that I am older and know what I want, I think I have the right attitude to accomplish my educational goal. One of the reasons for my right attitude now is having a son that I didnt have back in my younger and immature days.

Finally, the last obstacle that I could have to face would be the lack of motivation and drive. This one goes hand and hand with the first two obstacles. In the first two obstacles, getting no positive support from my family and having a son now is giving me the motivation and drive I need to accomplish my educational goals. With this said, I think I have the motivation and drive that I need to succeed and overcome any obstacles that get in my way.

Section II: Problem Solving for Success

Step 1: Research and Define the Problem Using Present State and Desire State

In my present state I am currently unemployed and receiving military funding for college through the Montgomery GI Bill. The money that I am receiving through the Montgomery GI Bill is what I am living off of right now. My desired state would be to be working at a job in my field of study to where I can be working my way up to management. I would also like to put more money in savings so that I can have a sizeable amount of savings in case any emergencies came about.

Step 2: Determine the Causes of the problem

* What- The problem is that I receive no support from my family in accomplishing my educational goals. * Why- This is a problem because when I was younger I never finished what I started except for High School. * Who- My family is the problem because even though I didnt finish college when I was younger, they should still support me in finishing it now. * Where- The problem is occurring at home because that is where I see my family the most. * When- The problem occurs every day. This sometime causes me to not to want to be at home. I have to let the negativity go in one ear and out the other, and focus on accomplishing my ultimate goal. * How- The problem occurred because of my past non-accomplishments when I was young and immature.

Step 3: Generate Solutions by Brainstorming

There are several solutions that could be possible in solving the problem.

1. I could market myself in different cities in order to have more employers see my resume. 2. Once I get a job, I can move out and away from the negativity. 3. I can get a part-time job also to help out with expenses once I move back out on my own.

At this time I have been only marketing myself with a 50 mile radius from where I live. I am going to start job searching in a 100 mile radius and possible farther out. Right now I will take a job anywhere, no matter where it is at.

Based on all of the knowledge that I have learned in this class, I will be able to analyze the situation and use my critical thinking techniques to come up with the best possible solutions to my problem. Once I look at the problem from every angle possible, I can then apply the solutions based on my analysis of my present state and present issue.

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