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Published: 2020-02-18 00:01:28
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Personal responsible is linked to college success. There are two reasons for practicing personal responsibility. First, setting aside study time, but most importantly, increase ability to focus in classroom. Informal Outline: When enrolling in college, students need to practice personal responsibility. First they must be able to define personal responsibility and what meaning it will have on them during their college semesters. Personal responsibility involves an individual being held accountable for their own actions upon themselves and others.

Further, personal responsibility being when you can cease placing blame upon others for your mistakes and when you quit blaming yourself. By achieving this you become honest with yourself, thus allowing yourself to move forward with your education. To be successful in college a key element is personal responsibility. Personal responsibility can be viewed as a key element because there are moments during college where students are or believe themselves to be failing and by taking personal responsibility for their actions they will build their self-esteem and accountability for their actions.

The connection with personal responsibility and college success is dependent upon accounting for your own choices and actions. To ensure success in college, students need to establish guidelines. You must be able to stay focused during class time. By allowing yourself enough sleep the night prior to class, your ability to remain focused during class remains intact. Sleeplessness leads to your being inattentive and this can cause you to miss issues of importance during class time.

Another element that can affect being focused is eating habits. Lack of food can affect your ability to focus during class time. Being focused in class allows you to hone your listening skills and take good notes during class. Another guideline which would allow success in college is setting aside study time. An example would be allowing yourself 30 minute breaks throughout the day. The location of where you study is of importance also.

An example would be if you study in a crowded area, there would be too much confusion and interference which would affect your ability to establish good study habits. It would be preferable to set up study in a quiet and isolated area, thus allowing you to concentrate and focus on your studies. The above guidelines will help increase a students level of personal responsibility. It will also increase the students ability to achieve success throughout their college years.

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