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Published: 2020-02-16 13:42:53
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It is the intention of every individual to constantly improve and strive for betterment. Each one is motivated to create opportunities for them to enhance and reinforce their skills to remain competitive in their individual profession. Despite the immediate challenges posed by such endeavor, there is a willingness and dedication to persevere to reap a good outcome; a better future. It is with this enthusiasm and determination to progress that I express my intention to apply for a Masters degree in Construction Management at NYU.

I believe that leadership is an essential facet of every work environment. It is considered to be an instrument that directs the particular organization and company towards the desired change. It is what bonds and keeps roles and functions together to achieve the particular objective. Likewise, it is what captivates and inspires workers to believe in the possibilities available within a particular framework. In the end, it this skill serves as a benchmark towards success and a vital determinant of my career.

Looking back at my education, I finished my Bachelors degree in Management at St. Johns University. During my stay, I have had the experience of immersing myself to the various disciplines surrounding management. However, what captivated me the most was in the realm of construction. I had always a passion of seeing things being built and it inspired me to specialize in this field so that I can one day manage and lead projects. Due to this, I exerted extra time and effort to boost my abilities. Eventually, all this hard work paved off and became vital in my career.

Currently, I am fulfilling my dream to be in the construction business for the past seven years. The first two years served as a stepping stone as I was an assistant of a project manager. Starting fresh from the University, it is in here that my capabilities were honed and strengthened. In addition, I came across the application of theories and concepts that I had learned in management. This training really helped me prepare for the upcoming challenges ahead. After that, I became project manager and held that position for five years.

It is in here that I came across numerous challenges within and outside the construction realm. One must have the effective skills to attain the goal of the company. Due to this, I had to handle things such as pre-planning until post construction. Also, the initiative must adhere to several rules and requirements placed by the government and the city. Likewise, I have been tasked to communicate and manage the costing, time and scope of the project. Lastly, I must always put into consideration the safety of the people and alleviating the possibilities of risks.

The Masters in Construction Management is a suitable program because it suits with my profession and relative experiences. The curriculum can increase my proficiency and competence in determining the optimal strategies and trends today in both local and foreign markets. Recognizing the increasing diversity in the workplace, there is a need to constantly equip myself with the appropriate training and foundation to remain viable from my counterparts. Also, this study can create a deeper background about the specialization I am into.

Concepts and theories can be reinforced and I can effectively apply both the theoretical and actual elements of practice. With all of these, I hope that the admissions committee shall consider my application. The University and degree is another preparatory stage towards the attainment of my long term goals. Moreover, with the outstanding alumni that NYU offers, I can have the necessary contacts that will enable me to explore business possibilities. I believe that this program will not only enhance my management skills; but at the same time unravel talents and capabilities I never though I had.

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