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Published: 2020-01-31 08:51:43
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Personality traits, cultural background, religion, geography and other demographic features are distinguishing factors among human beings. As we grow old all these variables shape our personalities, likes and dislikes, goals, ambitions and our life styles at large. Goals and ambitions that we set for ourselves in life are determined largely by factors such as our peers, early childhood experiences, upbringing, people we look up to as role models, and other life experiences. Hence it makes all the more sense for individuals to pursue their aspirations in life from which they derive satisfaction and contentment.

However there are times when due to various external factors an individual is compelled to compromise and sacrifice his or her personal goals and interests. In a country like Pakistan which is faced with several economic setbacks, professions such as engineering, banking, etc are looked at with respect and considered to be appropriate as they ensure a secure source of income. However art, which unlike in western societies, has a stigma associated with it and is not encouraged to be pursued as a career.

Therefore many fine young artists quit their work in the early stage and enter into other professions in order to earn a fixed stream of income to survive and support the family. Moreover there are students with interest in the field of astronomy and astrophysics who look forward to pursue a career in the respective fields. However the lack of good institutions offering degrees in such fields and nonexistent scope for such professionals in the local scenario only compounds difficulties for them.

Hence these individuals are left with little option but to pursue a career in a separate field which will at least ensure them a decent living once they graduate. There are also times when children are pressurized by their parents to pursue the family profession and take over the responsibility. As young adults they are expected to honor the traditions of the family. Thus they eventually concede to such immense pressures and join the family business or profession.

There are times when as a part of a group an individual might be required to perform and carry out activities which he or she doesnt enjoy doing. However considering the overall benefit of the group every individual is expected and required to conform in order to achieve the goals for the group. Having discussed some of the situations where an individual might have to do things which he or she would not, if left to ones discretion, it is very important to stress the fact that real motivation and drive for most of the people comes from doing things which inspires them.

People work hard towards the attainment of certain goals because they value them and it will give them a sense of satisfaction. Moreover to be able to grow and progress in life people seek new challenges and get themselves involved in tasks which they enjoy doing. Nevertheless sometimes a compromise is the only resort left to people to avoid conflict and they are compelled to do things which they normally dont enjoy doing. Works Cited Fowler, James Manktelow and Kellie. Personal Goal Setting.

30 December 2008 . Keirsey, Dr. David M. Personality Traits & Personal Growth Understand Your Temperament to Accomplish Life Goals. 30 December 2008 . Pakistan Teaching Profession. 30 December 2008 .

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