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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Do you have a dog? Does anyone have a pit bull? Well I happy to say that I am a proud owner of 2 blue pits. Their names are Diamond and Jack, and I never been more in love with dog. They are just like my babies. At the end of the summer Diamond had her first litter. I was in awes because I was like Im a grandmother now. They are more than a dog, they are family. II. Pit bulls are just like any other dog. It depends on how a pit bull or any other breed of dog is nurtured to determine the characteristics of the dog.

Dont get me wrong I have always been terrified of pit bulls because of all the negative press about pit bulls. I would always hear about a pit bull attacking someone or something. I would watch a show called Good dogs gone bad. I never heard anything positive. If wasnt for my dad getting Jack 2 years ago I would still have a negative perspective. IV. My rival makes numerous definite opinions about pit bulls. Today I will address the myths about pit bulls and how loving and caring they are.

Many rivals will often argue that pit bulls have the highest attacks on people than any other breed of dog. a. This is the biggest reason why there are so many people scared of pit bulls. You rarely read or hear about any other dog attacking someone. When you hear about a pit bull attacking someone the media feed off more about this because pit bulls are considered to be an aggressive dog. b. Many people have a difficult time properly identifying a true Pit Bull, so added to the statistics are those dogs that have been misidentified. Considering these factors, the actual number of attacks attributable to American Pit Bull Terriers is considerably lower than represented, according to the real pit bull. i.

Do you think a 4 pound Pomeranian dog would hurt anybody? ii. Stated in the Dog Bite Law, The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her familys Pomeranian dog. a. The American Temperament Test is a test that measures a dog strong avoidance, unprovoked aggression, and panic without recovery. American Pit Bull Terriers passed the test at a rate of 85.3%, according to They have the highest test scores, and they out beat the golden retriever family dog by 7.7%. iii. I identify the justice of my rivals claim, but I disagree with my rivals 100 percent about pit bulls having the highest attacks. c. Now you can see how my rival made a mistake because they didnt evaluate and understood the facts as clearly as they should.

My rivalry will argue that pit bulls cant be loving and caring towards people. a. There are no facts about a pit bull being dangerous or even vicious because of their bloodline. You cant portray a negative image about a pit bull base upon one incident. b. In the article Pitbulls: Vicious or Victims states, Our dogs obviously have a bad name, she says. But theyre just like any other dog; its just them being in the wrong hands. ¦ What we think is crucial to changing the image is educating owners on how to be responsible pit bull owners. Do you think pit bull can save someone life?

Pit bulls get a bad rap sometimes, Sorrells said. But its all in how you train them and raise them. Hes a very loving dog, in the article Pet Pit Bull Drags Women to Safety. I identify my rivals claim, but I disagree with the idea that pit bulls cant be caring or loving toward people. c. You can see again how my rival made another error of portraying pit bulls base up on only one side of the factor.

Conclusion I. I have addressed the myth about pit bulls and how loving and affectionate they are. II. To determine the characteristics of the dog it depends on how a pit bull or any other breed of dog is nurtured. Honestly there isnt a difference between a pit bull and any other dog. III. The responsibility of positive or negative actions are in the training not the breed. IV. Blaming the breed is comical.

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