Pest Analysis on Rmg Sectors in Bangladesh Essay

Published: 2020-02-13 09:30:08
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We traveled Coxs Bazar two times on the year of 2008 and 2010. We went there by bus and stayed for a few days in the rest house of Bangladesh Power Development Board. We visited Teknaf, Saint Martin (its a rock beach),Himchori, Mohesh Khali Island, Enani beach, Dulahazra Safari Park etc. We went Chera Dip (Island) too by trawler from Saint Martin. Its a coral beach. The corals can change their colors. There are lots of tiny blue fishes. The size of the chera dip is 1 to 1. 5 square kilo metres. There are no hotels and restaurants so tourist cant stay at night.

Moreover, we saw many things like, Mathins Coop, different different fishes and crabs in teknaf beach, many animals in safari park, falls, hills, beaches, islands, and temples and so on around the Coxs bazar. We ate several fishes of sea and rivers which was very tasty and delicious. We mostly enjoyed the pomfret fish. In Coxs bazar they have lots of coconuts and these are very cheap. Most of the tourists drink the coconut water. We had also. We had do shopping not only travel. I think now there are various changes in Coxs Bazar. Many Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts are built up.

People love to walk and want to pass their time in the sea shore. Not only Bangladeshi people visit there but also foreigners. When someone visits the coxs bazar they feel they come to a heaven and nobody wants to leave the place. Coxs Bazar is the great source of income for Bangladeshi business owners. Tourists can go coxs bazar by bus, plain and private cars. If the roads clear it takes 7/8 hours to reach there from dhaka but by aircraft it takes about 45minutes. The trip was an outstanding experience for us. We enjoyed like a paradise. If we get time we will go there definitely.

In 2011 we had visited Bangkok for one week, the capital of Thailand. Its one of the beautiful cities in Asian continent which looks like western cities. We went there by Bangkok Airways. We stayed at that time in my maternal relatives home. We visited the entire city. Specially in Siam Paragon, Ocean World, MBK shopping mall, Cinema Hall, Safari Park, Marine Park, Madam Tousoude. We used to travel in the city by Metro train and taxi cab. We used to take our lunch and dinner in KFC and Mcdonals. We also visited Koh Samed Island by ferry which is relatively far from Bangkok city.

We stayed there for 2 nights and ate many foods which were delicious. That was an amazing experience. I enjoyed the whole travel very much. But Bangkok is one of the expensive cities in the Asian continent. Its great city for the tourists. In Siam Paragon, we watched the Ocean World and Shopping Complex. In Ocean World, we saw my fishes moving in water. Fishes were small, medium and large. We also saw sharks which gave us very fear. In Siam Paragon, we went to take a small meal in Mcdonals restaurant. After that we went to the Madam Tousode. In that place there were many statues of celebrities are made by candle.

We took my photos. Only I and my younger sister were entered there not my mother. In Safari Park, we saw my animal shows of dolphin, birds and a spy war show of James Bond. Spy war show was different from animal shows. After watching the Safari Park, we entered in Marine Park by air-conditioned Bus and we saw my animals were moving in open places. Passengers of the bus were taking photos by their cameras. In the MBK shopping mall, we bought some T-shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, chocolates, and juices, foods for us and also for relatives. At last, my mother purchased a travel suitcase for her.

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