Pharmacy as a Career Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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One of the most dynamic industries in health care is pharmacy. I chose this career because it provides various outlets for professional growth, excellent financial gains, and the opportunity to take care of people all the time. As the medication expert on the health care team, my task is to manage the medication therapy of patients and clients by providing information and advice as well as improving the quality of their lives. In addition, I picked this line of work since it is one of the most accessible health care professionals.

New challenges come each day as pharmacists assist patients with their health care needs in terms of medications. Coincidentally, I live in a city where health care demands are high and the standard of living is extreme and active. In this set-up, a career in Pharmacy offers enough resources, opportunities, and flexibility needed to maintain balanced health care career and fulfilling personal life. The fact that you have to deal with different types of people and personalities is interesting and stimulating. What is great about this profession is the lifetime learning as well taken from institutions and everyday actual experiences.

Continuous education allows for professional and personal development in all aspects. A degree in Doctor of Pharmacy allows for better positions and job offerings in health care facilities in both immediate and long-term basis. It will also give me the break of exploring other fields such as teaching or publishing written works in educational institutions. Practice in Pharmacy can also be privatized. This further study in Pharmacy will offer me more options for other careers which are all equally motivating and inspiring.

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