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Published: 2020-02-11 20:52:41
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Pharmacy profession is involved in dispensing medication and health care products to address the needs of the society and of the individual patient. With this, a pharmacist or a practitioner is directly responsible to the health care of their patients; therefore, his/her action can be either detrimental or beneficial to ones life. In order to achieve the professions goal of taking care of the health of the society, a good, or else, the best pharmacy practice should be performed.

For me, an ideal pharmacy practice should aim, not only to provide the consumer with medications and health care services, but also, to be able to consider the total welfare of the patients. It should not only consider the health status of the individual, but as well as other aspects such as the socio-economic and religious status of the patients. It should address the differences between the patients, therefore, be able to attend to the needs of individual patient.

            An ideal pharmacy practice should include pharmaceutical care. In pharmaceutical care, there is commitment to the welfare of the patients. It also involves open communication with each patient, thus, a practitioner can be emotionally concern to the patients.  Once emotionally committed, a practitioner can render a true service, making him really involved to the total wellbeing of the patients.

In addition to that, the practitioners assume the responsibility on the effect of the drugs to the patient; hence, they can intervene to the health care of the individual patient.  This intervention by the practitioner can be done, for example, by assessing the needs, reviewing the medical records or creating health care plan for each individual patient. In this way, the practitioners can be able to monitor the health status of each patient. Moreover, the effect of the drugs can be also evaluated and in effect, other medicine-related diseases can be also prevented.

It is a fact that not all of the people have enough capacity to avail expensive drugs. Therefore, an ideal pharmaceutical practitioner should contribute for the promotion of rational medications and health products at affordable prices.

The pharmacists should guide the patients on the kind of medications or type of brands that suit their consumers needs and purchasing power.  They must be able to offer products that are of the same quality with that of expensive ones, but at relatively lower costs. In this, the pharmaceutical industry can effectively distribute evenly the benefits of health care products to the society and eventually, may result to a healthy community.

In order to serve the society well, a best pharmacy exercise must include the practice of updating information regarding each health products such as their side effects, their compatibility with other drugs, their suitability, and the like. This information should be based on the   scientific evidences. Thus, it can be helpful in decision making regarding these products. Having this knowledge and information at hand, the pharmacists can readily answers the inquiries of the patients. They can also offer their consumers the best among these products.  More knowledge means less threat to life of the users.

Given these pharmacy practices, I believe that performing them will be very helpful in achieving the primary mission of the pharmaceutical industry, that is to help in improving each individuals health status by providing the proper health care products and medications to each patient and also to. By doing so, it can result to a more healthy society and community. With that, we can say, that we can live better lives, with more opportunities ahead us, and also more chances of improving our lives.

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