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Published: 2020-02-12 10:51:53
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Our society is experiencing many social problems these days. The problems are caused either by human negligence or as a result of the social change that is happening in the society. The problem arises as people adapt to the social changes without being ready for the change. This paper looks at the rise of teenage pregnancies as one of the social problem that the society is facing. The problem Rise in Teenage pregnancy is a problem that has everyone worried. It has come up at an appalling rate. Teenage pregnancy is when a girl within the teen range, gets pregnant. A teenager is aged from 13 to 19.

There are many issues that cause teenage pregnancy as well as subsequent effects. In some communities, early marriage is seen as a good thing because it signifies that a woman is now mature and fertile. Causes of teenage pregnancy Sexual behavior among the adolescents: many adolescents engage in sex due to peer pressure. According to their friends, sex is the in thing and if one is not having it, that person is backward. The girls wanting to fit in engage in sexual acts. The girls are also pressured by boys who want to explore and experiment. The teenagers also influence each other into taking drugs and alcohol.

These act to reduce the fear that these teenagers have. The teenagers thence have the courage to engage in sexual activities. In their normal state, they could not have done that. Studies carried out indicated that the teens said that they had been pressured to have sex; others said that things in their relationships were moving too fast, while others said that they had ended up doing things that they did not want to do (Dean & Ducey, 1998). Contraceptives: many of the teenagers do not use contraceptives. This is because they are too shy to go and buy them and to seek information from the doctor.

Some of the teens who used contraceptives and got pregnant were those who did not use these contraceptives consistently and correctly. The use of contraceptives especially those in form of drugs should be advised by a doctor (Baker, 2007). The teenagers being too young fear to approach an older person for advice and this might lead them into getting pregnant. The teenagers also do not have enough money to buy these contraceptives and therefore they cannot be consistent when it comes to use of contraceptives. Sexual abuse: some teenagers get pregnant because of rape and molestation.

Many teenagers under the age 15 fall pregnant involuntarily. Many of them are forced into having sex by people who are their seniors. Some teenagers who were sexually abused when they were young get pregnant at teenage. Very few of the girls who were molested at early ages do not get pregnant at teenage. Social and economic factors: poor people tend to have high birth rate cases. Many teenagers in poor regions are likely to get pregnant as compared to their rich counterparts. It is said that these poor teenagers engage in sex so that they may get social benefits. However, there is no evidence to support this idea.

Lack of finance means that the teenagers cannot afford to buy contraceptives and cannot afford to buy the basic needs they require. This poverty drives them into engaging in sexual activities to gain some benefits from their sexual partners. Background of childhood: most of the women, who have bad childhood background, tend to fall pregnant in their teenage years. The harshness of these experiences increases the probability of girls getting pregnant at teenage. Studies also show that boys who had been raised in violent families, where they witnessed their parents fighting, impregnated girls at teenage.

It was also found out that girls whose fathers were not present during their childhood years were more likely to end up pregnant as compared to girls whose fathers were around (Rider & Sigelman, 2008). Solutions Sexual education should be introduced in the school curriculum. This will help students in school to understand their sexuality and ways that they can prevent from indulging in sexual activities, which can lead to negative effects in their lives. Parents should also start getting more involved in guiding their children on responsible sexual relationships (Wong & Checkland, 1999).

Religious institutions and the society in general should also take their full responsibility of guiding children to stick on moral values of the society. They should guide the children and teach them good morals in the society. By this, the children will get knowledge on the best sexual practices, as they grow old. Parents should make them understand about the consequences of pre marital sexual behaviors. Children should also be taught the benefits of abstaining from sex until they get married and be guided on the best ways to use contraceptives and the negative effects that the contraceptives have on their health (Arai, 2009).

Conclusion Teenage pregnancy is a very alarming issue in the society. It has grown at a high rate and continues to grow. Various causes and effects have led to teenage pregnancies. The people should look at the causes and use these sources as a guideline towards not engaging in activities that would lead to teenage pregnancies. It should be the responsibility of everyone to make sure that children grow in good moral values and guide them on the consequences of premarital sexual relationships.

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