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Published: 2020-01-08 21:13:02
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Create awareness for the introduction of the new pizza crust Freshizza, highlighting FRESHNESS of the dough as a key ingredient for a perfect pizza. Situation Analysis Each Pizza Hut restaurant prepares fresh dough several times a day on premise, unlike competing brands whose stores receive crusts from a few central commissaries making the dough older by 1- 2 days. This fact had not been leveraged by Pizza Hut in the past. In the course of product development, Pizza Hut had commissioned research to evaluate the proposition of Fresh among consumer focus groups.

The key findings here revealed that Freshness in the context of Indian bread (chappatis) implied kneading fresh dough daily. Consumers preferred chappatis made from freshly kneaded dough as they were softer and tastier than those made from two day old dough. This was unlike the perception on pizzas where Freshness was only understood as a piping hot pizza. Strategy The PR programme decided to use both the insights gained from the commissioned research, to present an all new pizza crust and focus on leveraging editorial opportunities to create awareness for freshness and differentiate the product on taste.

In order to add credibility to product claims and influence media on the freshness of the product, PR Pundit considered it vital to get a leading food critique to endorse the product. Through dialogue and product sampling, the PR programme earned the support of Indias leading food writer Rashmi Uday Singh, a lady whose name is synonymous with good food in India, to demonstrate the freshness of the Pizza Huts pizzas, through a unique Freshizza Cookery Show. The Challenge The challenge was to garner media support to create awareness for freshness and differentiate the product on taste. CASE STUDIES Execution & Tactics.

The PR Campaign was conceptualised to create a dramatic launch to highlight the freshness of the product, while subtly suggesting that the competitions product is not so fresh. The PR Plan rolled out with a cookery show and food sampling at New Delhis oldest Pizza Hut, which received nationwide media coverage. The programme was extended to the keenly competitive markets of Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. In Chennai and Bangalore a photo call was created with the in-store presence of local celebrities to launch Freshizza, while senior management addressed the media on the process followed at each restaurant to prepare fresh dough for pizzas.

The Mumbai launch was timed to coincide with the introduction of the television commercial (TVC) featuring one of Indias top model Malaika Arora Khan. Consumer media was invited for a preview of the TVC and to the restructured cookery show Get Fresh with Malaika featuring the top model and Rashmi Uday Singh at a local Pizza Hut. This resulted in yet another nation wide photo opportunity. In Kolkata and Pune, consumer and city press were invited to sample the new crust, while a press release with attractive product pictures was issued in Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

HINDUSTAN TIMES ECONOMIC TIMES CASE STUDIES DIVYA BHASKAR The Freshizza Cookery Show was fashioned to demonstrate the freshness of the pizza crusts from Pizza Hut in the form of a cookery show. The delightful repartee of actor Zayed Khan (Bollywood celebrity and brand ambassador of Pizza Hut) and food writer Rashmi Uday Singh was appreciated for its uniqueness and provided a live and interactive demonstration of the dough preparation process from the blending stage to the final pizza making for the media.

The sight of the duo rolling out fresh pizza crusts made for a perfect photo opportunity. Freshly baked Freshizzas were served to the media for sampling In Mumbai too, the entire dough making process was recreated with the new face of the Freshizza campaign -Malaika Arora Khan paired with food writer Rashmi Uday Singh on the Get Fresh with Malaika Show. The launch was followed up by special Freshizza deliveries to key media offices to ensure broadest possible reach. Results and Impact.

The launch events at the four major cities of the country received an enthusiastic response from nearly 150 journalists. The photo opportunity made it possible for product and brand to be carried across all major print, electronic and online media in India. In less than two months of the launch, one out of every four customers at Pizza Hut had tried out Freshizza, i. e. almost half a million customers have already sampled the product and the growth of sales grew by about 1215 per cent per restaurant.

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