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Published: 2020-02-15 12:50:47
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In our life, we continuously absorb other people ideas. While talking to other people we hear their ideas or while reading magazine, books, newspaper or any other source of written text or information, we continuously take ideas and thoughts of other people. Now presenting these ideas without giving credit to other people is what called as plagiarism. Plagiarism is presenting others ideas, written text, plots, diagrams and intellectual property as being own original work (by someone) without properly acknowledging or giving the source of the information presented.

Plagiarism is considered as serious offence in academic area. Students found in doing plagiarism can face severe punishment from failing grade in assignment to failing grade in particular course. In worst case of repeated plagiarism by the students, can leads to suspension/expulsion or revoking of degree and awards. Integrity is a quality that is characterized by truth, reliability, honesty and fairness, developed over a long period. In any business/field, it plays an important role for growth of it. In any field, it is important to give credit due to other people for integrity of the work.

Several employees/people are responsible for any business or organization success and growth, and therefore they all should be given due credit to maintain the integrity of the business. This practice can lead to trust among the employees and healthy environment in business. It is also important to avoid plagiarism in business/field, where one is present to maintain integrity of business. The credit due should be given to the other people of business/field for using their ideas for success and growth and hence to maintain integrity of the business/field. This will lead to harmony and prosperity for the individual and business.

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