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Plagiarism according to is an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that authors work as ones own, as by not crediting the original author. When a student intentional uses some else original thoughts without properly citing the authors work is clearly plagiarism. Some mistaken plagiarism with a student not properly citing work or under citing an author, which leads to a possible student accused of plagiarism. Students plagiarize for several of reason. Some of these reason are procrastination, deadlines need to be met, and feeling overwhelmed by the assignment.

Procrastination is one of the leading causes of students plagiarizing. With deadlines given at the start of a class, most students either forget about the deadline or just have no time management skills to prevent the need to plagiarize to meet the deadline. As the deadlines begin to come to an end students panic, which lead them to plagiarize. Some students feel overwhelmed with writing a research paper because of the length and the research required to complete the assignment. These things can be prevent by the student by using good time management skills, setting smaller goals to complete a large one, and seek classmates help to minimize procrastination by working together to meet deadlines on time.

Intentional plagiarizing is when a student knowingly using someone elses work as their own. Technology has made it much easier for students to search for information and retrieve papers that make writing a paper less time consuming by cutting research time in half. This could lead to a student using the paper found as their original thoughts because of the convenience. As stated in the What is plagiarism? article (, n.d.), todays students learn quickly that finding and manipulating data on the Internet is a valuable skill.

With the wealth of information available online, the production of original analysis and interpretation may seem like busy work compared to finding the best or most obscure sources. There are cases that students have unintentional plagiarized. One of the most common reason for unintentional plagiarism is lack of knowledge on the proper forms of citation. (, n.d) Students improperly citing their sources is one of the main reasons some found to have not intentional plagiarized. With adequate training, a student can learn the correct way to cite each source.

It is important to cite your work properly to prevent plagiarism. ¢Discuss the importance of citing with specific examples of improper citation and describe why this is considered plagiarism.

¢Discuss citing, direct quoting, paraphrasing and expressing anothers ideas. What is quoting?

Taking the exact words from an original source is called quoting. You should quote material when you believe the way the original author expresses an idea is the most effective means of communicating the point you want to make. If you want to borrow an idea from an author, but do not need his or her exact words, you should try paraphrasing instead of quoting. Of course you want to get credit for your own ideas. And you dont want your instructor to think that you got all of your information from somewhere else. But if it is unclear whether an idea in your paper really came from you, or whether you got it from somewhere else and just changed it a little, you should always cite your source.

Instead of weakening your paper and making it seem like you have fewer original ideas, this will actually strengthen your paper by: 1.showing that you are not just copying other ideas but are processing and adding to them, 2.lending outside support to the ideas that are completely yours, and 3.highlighting the originality of your ideas by making clear distinctions between them and ideas you have gotten elsewhere A paraphrase is a restatement in your own words of someone elses ideas. Changing a few words of the original sentences does NOT make your writing a legitimate paraphrase. You must change both the words and the sentence structure of the original, without changing the content. Also, you should keep in mind that paraphrased passages still require citation because the ideas came from another source, even though you are putting them in your own words.

The purpose of paraphrasing is not to make it seem like you are drawing less directly from other sources or to reduce the number of quotations in your
paper. It is a common misconception among students that you need to hide the fact that you rely on other sources. Actually it is advantageous to highlight the fact that other sources support your own ideas. Using quality sources to support your ideas makes them seem stronger and more valid. Good paraphrasing makes the ideas of the original source fit smoothly into your paper, emphasizing the most relevant points and leaving out unrelated information.

¢Define common knowledge and whether it is better to over-cite or under-cite.

Common Knowledge

There is no clear boundary on what is considered common knowledge. Even experts on plagiarism disagree on what counts as common knowledge. For instance, many sources only consider facts ” current and historical events, famous people, geographic areas, etc. ” to be potentially common knowledge. Others also include nonfactual material such as folklore and common sayings. Some sources limit common knowledge to only information known by others in your class, other sources look at what is common knowledge for the broader subject area.

The two criteria that are most commonly used in deciding whether or not something is common knowledge relate to quantity: the fact can be found in numerous places and ubiquity: it is likely to be known by a lot of people. Ideally both conditions are true. A third criteria that is sometimes used is whether the information can be easily found in a general reference source.

How do you tell if you have met the quantity criteria? Some experts say that a fact is common knowledge if it can be found in three independent sources. Purdues Online Writing Lab recommends finding five independent sources before considering a fact common knowledge. The point is that common knowledge can be found in a variety of sources. As you do more research on a topic, you are likely to discover which facts count as common knowledge because you will encounter these facts in many places.

How do you tell if a fact is ubiquitous? Some facts may be well known within one discipline and papers written within that group may assume the information is commonly known. That same piece of information used in other situations or by non-experts may require attribution. A good rule of thumb is to acknowledge ideas which are not common knowledge among your peers such as the other students in the course for which you are writing the paper.

How do you know if it is a general reference source? Reference sources collect together facts for easy look-up. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and gazetteers are typical examples. Reference sources that focus on a specific area are not considered general. The definition of Marfan syndrome mentioned previously came from a medical dictionary, a specialized reference source, that may not be readily available to most people. Therefore, you would probably want to cite this source if you were writing for people not familiar with medical information.

If you are not sure, assume that an idea is not common knowledge and cite the source. It is much easier to remove a citation than it is to hunt down a citation and try to add it later. Finally, when in doubt, check with your professor.


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