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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Propose bill of Sen. Ping Lacson for political dynasty Due to the growing number of political dynasties, Senator Ping Lacson proposed and supported a bill that is against it. For that, I admire his determination to halt all the families that are involved in this. I also commend him for being a good follower. This was proven by Sen. Lacson when he followed already the bill even though it is not approved yet. He vows that he would retire from politics if his son, Ronald Jay, runs and wins in the 2016 polls. Political Dynasties should be stopped because of the negative effects of it in the good governance of our country. One of the effects, is corruption.

For example, a senator discovered the anomalies of a congressman, he/she can easily cover it up because they are relatives. The other one is, one particular family has power all over the country thus, it results to injustices. In Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiagos Bill, it was observed that political dynasty shouldnt exist in local elective only. While as Sen. Lacsons, not only local the local but also the national position is included. I think both of them have good intentions towards this.

But they need to elaborate more the clause included in the said bill. Many people/government officials doesnt approve of this because it is not clear to them the legal definition of a political dynasty and its corresponding consequences. I also think that it would be unfair for a candidate, who may be more qualified than his family or relative already elected in a public post, to be barred from running because of his relations. It is like we are. All in all, it is good but it should be clearer for the citizens and government to agree upon it.

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