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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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¦what is happening to India today is not a problem¦the issues ¦are not canses. They are huge political and social upheaval that are convulsing the nation.

            Those are the exact words that Roy (24) had used to describe what is happening to the world that is beyond the realm of common human understanding: globalization led on and operated by experts.

            And just how will a common human understand when every time they try to, at the end of the day, they are relegated to being just a citizen who are, to experts, are too emotional and just lack the ability to eventually understand when explained to (if the experts even try to do the explaining part).

            It is the phenomenon characterized by experts who have acquired technical knowledge on certain matters take the matter into their own hands”not wanting to be questioned or contradicted and seemingly not encouraged to do their tasks with sympathy. They believe that they have all it takes to do it all, and be all, for all.

The usual behavior of an arrogant little child who thinks he knows all he needs to know and thus scoffs at any questioning remarks on how he does his tasks, sneers at any suggestion or idea unlike his own, or flares up at any tap on his shoulder that gently reminds him that he is not of possession of every knowledge yet; a kind of behavior that is often times not tolerated.

            And that is what needed to be done. This arrogance should be broken down. And this could not be accomplished by mere taps on the shoulder anymore. A sterner reminder is needed; a reminder that even the too emotional and comprehension-challenged common citizen still has a say on how he lives his life”or at the very least, has the natural right to be made to understand.

            Therefore, the author urges the humanity to speak, and speak loud, now or forever be made to hold their peace.

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Roy, Arundhati. Power Politics (year of publication). 24-33.

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