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Published: 2020-01-25 04:00:55
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The tradition is coming since long back the food people taking depends upon the systems of the local, neighborhood and influenced by the patents and guardians. The people are accustomed to take the food that type only and they do not want to change their food and it is caused to increase of fat, cholesterol, excess weight etc. Taking of such food attraction of blood pressures, heart strokes and other diseases. The main suffers will be the family members. It is not ends with the person it extends to next generation also because the same jeans to the children. There should be some cut of point and it is now itself.


The people identified their diseases and troubles by analyzing the diseases and started to get relief from the diseases by making exercises, taking weight loss pills. The medical industry so increased that one of the main source of income from weight loss pills. The manufacturing companies of pharmaceuticals and research wings concentrating more time with pressure how much they can release the weight loss pills with better quality to give best results.

The concentration is so much that they are giving less importance to even other products for which the interest of community countered. Variety of exercising equipments released by giving various advertisements stating the weight loss can be made using of such of exercise equipment. The Community simply following according to the advertisements and acting based on the advertisements.


These are all linked with and based on the food. The people are not identifying this thing and they are following with the advertisements. What is the main cause all for such things? Taking of the imbalanced food. Each body of ours differs other. But we are taking the food what mother feed and what father taken and habituated to take that food only which attracts all such diseases. At this juncture everybody needs to change their food according to their body.

The change of food, balanced diet definitely influence on the body. Everybody goes to the consultants for weight but instead they should go first of all NUTRITIONIST for prescription what type of food their body needs. In the present scenario, even the government should give wide publicity on nutrition whereas the Society involved and benefited at large.

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