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Pride and Prejudice is a novel of love and marriage and how people have prejudices about love. Pride is involved as it blurs the seeing of true love. Jane Austen displays this as she was part of society and she had first-hand experience of this. In Tea in the Wendy House and He Said, there is an visible change in the role of society and attitudes to love and marriage. This is because of the different times each novel was written.

Jane Austen does not make the subject of marriage favourable, as she never writes about a completely happy marriage. For example Mr and Mrs Bennets relationship, this is not an example of a good marriage as Mr Bennet is always taunting Mrs Bennet. Or you may send them by themselves, will be better, for you are as handsome of any of them. Here Mr Bennet is ridiculing Mrs Bennet by saying she should go and visit Mr Darcy as she may end up marrying him, as she is just as beautiful. This was one of Austens intentions to show that the society she lived in was superficial. Another example of a bad marriage is of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins. Charlotte is only marrying Mr Collins, as it is her last resort because she is seen as a spinster at the age of 27. Usually girls are married off at young ages, as it is their only ambition. This is shown in Pride and Prejudice, but in Tea in the Wendy House, even though Lyn has an opportunity of marriage she is not happy.

She feels pressured into marrying Graham and doesnt have the chance to vent her true feelings properly. She feels she is also trapping Graham into marrying her and becoming a father. I didnt say anything, because Graham was so enthusiastic. She is worried about other peoples feelings and hers but does not get the chance to show them. Whereas in He Said there is no chance of Bev getting married to Errol, as he is too irresponsible. This is an example of the way society has changed drastically. In Pride and Prejudice it was expected for girls to get married straight away and the most important thing in their life. In Tea in the Wendy House there was some expectation but not as much. In He Said society has changed so much that Errol does not think he needs to propose to Bev, even though she is pregnant. This also shows the attitudes to sex before marriage.

As Austen shows more bad marriages than good, there were a few happy marriages, as they contain an equality of character traits between the couple. Elizabeth was too prejudiced to realise her true feelings and Mr Darcy was too proud. Even though she does finally realise Darcys good qualities. She began to comprehend that he was exactly the man, in disposition and talents, would suit her. This is the opposite in He Said, as Bev finally realises that she is stronger than Errol, and how she can cope without him. I dont care if I never see him again. In Jane Austens novels the valuable marriage is usually because of chance. If Elizabeth did not read Darcys letter and witness the elopement of Lydia and Wickham, she would have realised how much she values him.

This is the opposite in Tea and the Wendy House as Graham and Lyn had known each other since their teens and so had got to know each other better. I was fourteen and Graham was fifteen. As Errol and Bevs relationship in He Said is just based on sex and so there was no previous acknowledgement of character traits. Intervention played its part in the prevention of Darcy and Elizabeth getting married. Elizabeths prejudices intervene and prevent the marriage at first. This does not happen to the main character of Tea in the Wendy House but there is some intervention from Lyns parents.

In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeths mum is always pushing her to get the best man she can. She is very bossy and likes to get what she wants. In Tea and the Wendy House it is also Lyns mother that has an intervening nature as she is making the wedding dress. She was busy, giving final touches to the dress. There is a difference in He Said, as her parents do not intervene. Although her father does not want to get involved with her situation, he feels no way in abandoning her when she needs them most. As her father is a minister of a church, he has strict religious beliefs but as he does not want to help he comes across as a bully. If that harlot crosses my doorstep, I will strike her down. Then he had gone to church. This contradicts his religious views.

Status is another problem in the prevention of the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeths astonishment was beyond expression. She stared coloured doubted and was silent. This he considered enough encouragement. Darcy thought that Elizabeth would have said yes when he first proposed, as she may never get a better offer as that one as he is much higher in status than she was. Darcy has a lot more money than the Bennets. In this time it was seen as better if you could marry a man with a large house and very good income. This was so he could provide for his wife when she had children but also to show-off to others. In He Said money is still important to Bev as she is by herself without a husband, so she has to fend for herself. She is struggling and in a poor job. She has not got the financial support from her parents like Lyn in Tea in the Wendy House. Bevs prospects are limited because of lack of money and there is a slight suggestion that this will not change much. There is a similarity between pride and prejudice and Tea in the Wendy House.

This is because Lyn and Elizabeth both have some financial support from their parents, although it was not the most important thing in Tea in the Wendy House. Lyns mother puts it across as a bonus to the marriage, but having a good job is quite important. And hes got a job, and course theres the house. You really struck gold there. Mr Collins also demonstrates the status prevention, as he expects her to say yes but it comes across as quite pompous. I am to inherit this estate after the death of your father. He is openly stating that he will own Elizabeths house, as if it was nothing. In the actual proposal of Mr Collins to Elizabeth it was quite formal as he asked permission, which was expected in those times. This differs in the proposal of Graham to Lyn. He seemed embarrassed, it was not very formal but still had the decency to propose. I told you it was corny, but will you, will you marry me? There is no proposal in He Said. Errol obviously does not believe he needs to propose; not formal or gentleman-like.

Judgement plays quite a big part of pride and prejudice, as it was a very judgmental society. People are always being judged. Elizabeth prides herself on good understanding of what people are like generally. The extravagance and general profligacy which he scripted exceedingly shocked her. This shows how she was wrong about Mr Wickham and Darcy made her realise this in the letter he wrote to her after he proposed. Good judgement is being to see past deception, pride arrogance and hypocrisy. She tried to recollect some instance of goodness, some distinguished trait of integrity. This shows Elizabeth frantically trying to have some recollection that Mr Wickham was not deceptive and devious. Like Mr Darcy explained in the letter. This is a bad judgement that Elizabeth has made, just like the bad judgement of Errol by Bev. She thought he was going to stand by her throughout the pregnancy, but he does not.

I dont want anything to come between us¦now he would not speak to her. This shows how shallow and unreliable Errol is. Although she knows Errol is not going to face up to his consequences, it does not stop her from fantasizing about the way she would like things to be between her and Errol. Imagining Errol holding her tightly, perhaps his voice breaking with emotion. Elizabeths first meeting with Mr Wickham compared to her first meeting with Mr Darcy it was not surprised she preferred Mr Wickham. This made her very shocked at the proposal from Mr Darcy. This pitfall almost brings Elizabeth to lose her future husband, although she does come to terms with her mistakes and corrects them. How despicably I have acted, I who have prided myself on my discernment and gratified my vanity, pleased with the preference of one and offended by the neglect of another.

This reveals that Elizabeth has recognised her mistakes and how she has treated both men. Darcy has also overcome his arrogance and pride. Austen believes that a happy marriage is built on good judgement and so introduces a genuine perception. So they see each other for who they really are. Tea in the Wendy House, Lyns perception of Graham was not clear, she was not being clear about her feelings. The writer used the Wendy House as symbolism to show that however perfect something seems, it may not make you happy. Although at the end with the last Wendy House reference, you are left wondering if Lyn will ever be happy, but also there is no mention of Graham being with her, in this ideal world. The bright blue walls seem to be closing in around her, the ceiling is coming nearer and nearer.

She is a mummy. It doesnt matter that she cant get out. It is making her conform to the stereotypes of typical women. Bev in He Said has made a journey of self-knowledge, from hating Errol for not standing by her to realising she can cope without him, and go along with the pregnancy by herself. From the pressures of society, the doctor telling her it would be best to get an abortion, her father throwing her out, living in a gritty flat and working in a dead end job. Bev has made a miraculous journey from where she was, to feeling confident of having the baby by herself. Elizabeth goes against her time by refusing two marriage proposals, and marrying for true love.

In her society a sexual relationship before marriage was seen as unacceptable and shame would be brought onto the family. This is a contrast between our time and Jane Austens time. Lyn is pregnant before she is getting married, this is also the case in He Said apart from Bev is not getting married, and so has to cope on her own. This indicates the age and time Elizabeth lived in. Wickham was this type of person who would deceive women into thinking he loves them but then leaves them. This is what he did with Lydia Bennet. This was not the first he tried; he also tried with Darcys younger sister. He gambles and lives loosely and does not give a second thought to his sexual immoralities. Sex before marriage is seen as the main corrupt. Wickhams character is similar to that of Errol. He does not give a second thought to the consequences of his action.

With the faint smell of urine around her realising that probably some man had walked away from relieving himself without a backward thought about the results. Just like Errol. Lydias relationship with Wickham has effected her reputation because of the elopement. Wickhams love for Lydia is not true. This is the opposite with Lyn and Grahams relationship. Graham is truly in love with Lyn, but it is Lyn that has the insecurities and does not feel true love. There is no one in the Wendy house except Lyn. Mandy isnt there. Graham isnt there. This shows how maybe in the end she will be by herself without no one. In Elizabeths time courtship between two people would not have lasted quite long, so Wickham and Lydia were not truly in love, it was most probably infatuation. His belief that Wickham never intended to go there or to marry Lydia at all.

Jane Austen was a person in this society and time, which believed marriage, was the most important thing for a young girl. This would lead to prejudices about how much money did the husband have and of what status was he. Jane Austen shows through pride and prejudice that she would not have married because it was convenient but because of love much like Elizabeth. Society has changed, as evident in He said. From wanting marriage as an ambition, to Errol not needing to propose, it does not mean the society has got any better. Society and other peoples thoughts all contribute to prevention of some marriages, even nowadays.

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