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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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For my reader response, I will base it off of the book The color of water from pages 1-85. In the first three chapters you learn a fair amount about main charter. The details you learn in these chapters dont tell you about the main charter James himself but his mother Ruth. Some details about Ruth are that she was born on April 1, 1921, white, Polish Orthodox Jew and was married two times. The first marriage she was married to a man named Andrew Dennis McBride and the second time to a man named Hunter Jordan whom was the father to four of the twelve African-American children.

However, both of them pass away. At the end of chapter three and to chapter six the author James Mc Bride really expresses Jamess bewilderment about the idea of race and what color James is White or Black. From James brothers he soon gains knowledge of the fact that he is black. However, once James learns his race he acknowledges the fact that he is black. He is even so proud he shows this happiness through actions While we whistled and cheered, raising our fists and yelling, Black power!

(James 26) However, when thinks about the meaning of Black Power and the Black Panthers he soon starts to fear the idea But there was a part of me that feared black power very deeply for the obvious reason. I thought black power would be the end of my mother. (James 26) At the end of chapter four it is evident to James how the idea of having a white mother with black children is viewed negative an example of this is on page 31 I remember two black women pointing at us, saying, Look at that white bitch, and a white man screaming at Mommy somewhere in Manhattan, calling her a nigger lover.

(James 31). In chapter five the meaning of the title is found What color is Gods spirit? It doesnt have a color, she said. God is the color of water. Water doesnt have a color. (James 51) In the lat chapters there is just more description about the mother and her life growing up being a Jew and losing her brother and sister. In analyzing this book thus far to me I was able to find out the main idea, which is; what is race to James and how it plays apart in his life. Something what I found interesting and later noticed myself thinking about is the idea of how I can actually connect with James.

I can connect with James because he is an African- American with a white mother and I am also African American with a white mother. However, all of the racist things I cannot connect with. The tone of this book seems to be just clam. This is so because he isnt really sad or mad besides at some points of the book overall he is very calm. This book takes place in New York. From reading this story so far Im really enjoying it just the writing style and this book connects to what we have been learning in class.

The things we have learned in class about the whole time period and the Black Panthers really makes it easier to understand the terms and what is going on in the book. The overall message which Ive somewhat concluded is interesting and I cannot wait to pick up this book again to see what will happen next. Overall I think this was a very well picked book for my lit circle group. From this book Ive all ready found a favorite quote which is What color is Gods spirit? It doesnt have a color, she said. God is the color of water. Water doesnt have a color. (James 51).

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