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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The interview made on a principal is to determine his/her overall perception towards administrative actions on an educational institution and the efforts he/she has made to apply different standards and regulations set by the state. Overall the interview showcased a familiarization of the importance of bridging educational opportunities to students and highlighted the various programs that will increase awareness and development on the part of students, teachers and educators. The respondents name is Mildred J. Mills, an administrator of Deer Park Independent School district.

Looking at her experience, she was before an early childhood educator and her she holds the position as administrator for five years. During her term, she had made numerous programs which she highlighted during the interview. These programs revolve around instructional, staff development and parental involvement which she deemed important in the school in reaching the status as a Recognized campus and the overall objective to be Exemplary campus. Dwelling further in the professional goals and objectives of Mrs.

Mills in the schools, she first elaborated on the way she created a program of parental involvement in school by creating a Volunteer Program Such program is aimed at getting the participation of parents in school under the guidelines prescribed by Parental Involvement. Such program caters to various objectives like (1) scholastic fairs, (2) parent/teacher brown bags, (3) classroom assistants, (4) early learning center helpers and (5) Fall Carnivals. In due recognition for the parents efforts, Mrs. Mills gives them various mechanisms of appreciation. With regards to her instructional goals, Mrs.

Mills coordinates with various educational sectors that can help improve the overall competency of the school as far as curriculum facilitation is concerned. There is also the initiative to review the possibility of entering into a three year partnership with Region 4 to assess, analyze and improve our schools achievement data. In addition to such, Mrs. Mills pointed out the need for training that is why the school also coordinates with the members of Region 4 to conduct core team training to decrease the number of discipline referrals through the Positive Behavior Support Model.

On the other hand, Mrs. Mills also elaborates her staff development goals for the institution. One primary emphasis that the administrator mentioned is on learning effective strategies to build a strong literacy program for grades PK-2 that will promote more successful learners right from the start and build upon the childs learning year after year to reduce gaps in learning. In addition, Mrs. Mills advocated the creation of more training mechanisms among teachers to increase their skills and efficiency in facilitating education among students.

By continuing to provide more inservice training of the newest and latest programs that research confirms will provide more opportunities to meet the needs of students and increase student performance. Besides these objectives, the administrator was also asked several questions pertaining to her overall feelings about the job. In the questionnaire she mentioned that the most tiring and time consuming of her job is desegregating data to perform Campus Needs Assessment for RTI & Staff development, Discipline, & teacher observation. When asked what was the most difficult part of her job.

She mentioned that there was none. She just pointed out that she was enjoying every aspect of it. The only thing that disappoints her is if a program does not fit a particular student. According to her, it is frustrating not to meet the needs of every student. Also, in the additional comments section Mrs. Mills pointed out her relative strengths and weaknesses that contributed a lot in her work at the school. The administrator added that she will continue to develop and enhance student development for them to adjust into current trends and challenges.

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