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Published: 2020-02-10 19:02:36
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The trouble in work place began due to lack of proper communication and improper awareness about ones duties and responsibilities and due to this lacunae, the trouble in office resulted in conflicts, disputes and even has gone to the extent of unheeding to the requests made within the department in the process of attending to daily schedules of work in office.

The solution for this trouble  requires a motivational workshop to all the staff members which results in development of harmony and healthy environment in office.  It is also required to boost the morals of staff members in order develop a dynamic approach towards each and every problem.  It is also required to educate staff members that disclosure of inconveniences and discussing about the problems always workout to a solution and instead conceal of facts and troubles or making self-made adjustments can never draw a positive solutions to a problem and instead there is every opportunity of re-occurrence of a problem.

Each and every staff member must have a daily chart of working schedule, coordinating team members / staff with whose interaction, discussions and meetings are held on various official issues and decisions are made. A collective team spirit and positive office environment is the hour of the need in every office.  Channel of communication should be through proper mode and methods viz., emails, chat rooms, phone messages, discussion forums in meetings and detailed notes on issues that require a detailed working and explanation of notes.






Author: Thad B.Green, Jay T.Knippen (1999)

Title: Breaking the barrier to upward communication


Accessed  March 11, 2008

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