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Published: 2020-02-04 14:51:10
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1.Introduction NTU students spend lots of time in tutorial rooms studying. However, the chairs in NTU tutorial rooms are uncomfortable. Seat pans and backrests are plastic and tables attached to right armrests are 20cm above the seat pans and too small to place taptops. Students complain about these chairs. According to our groups survey, 70 of 72 SM2 students suffer backaches after long hours of writing sitting on the chairs. Since tables are fixed, most students are forced to bend down to write on the table for a long time, which puts a great strain on their backs and causes pain. Also, half students interviewed feel the illumination of rooms is inadequate. Therefore, we have modified the TR chairs to solve these problems.


2.1 Criteria for solution

The modified chairs should meet the following requirements:
¢Tables are adjustable and easy to fold;
¢Backrests support the back of the body;
¢Seatmats are soft;
¢Tables can generate light according to indoor lighting conditions; ¢Chairs are aesthetically pleasing;
¢Cost is low.

2.2 Description of the solution Our wonderchairs are like glossy silver eggs made from hard glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). Chairs have three foldable layers with two wheels at the bottom. The top layer with one side stuffed with rayon can be flipped over as a backrest. The backrest is positioned at an angle of 100°and stuffed with soft Rayon stuffing which supports the back of the body comfortably.

The second layer serves as a table with a 22cm-radius, overcoming the existing defect of being too small which hinders comfortable writing. It can be easily lifted and pushed forward by 20cm by pulling or rotating a lever to suit a student personal need so that he can write comfortably on the table. The third layer is a relaxing 24cm—24cm seat with a beige corduroy cover and Rayon stuffing. The tables can automatically generate light from LED lamps on the desktop. Lamps are 25cm sticks in a groove on the table when not working. By rotating them 90°we connect the lamps to a circuit and they start working.

Tables consist of three layers. The first is made from transparent GFRP to allow maximum light to pass through and be absorbed and turned into electricity by the photo-voltaic panel in the second layer. The second layer also contains a light sensor detecting lighting condition and accordingly adjusting the intensity of the lamp light. Powered by photo-voltaic panel, the lamp produces proper light according to the indoor illumination conditions. This ensures appropriate room lighting. The third layer is opaque GFRP to strengthen the table. The self-lighting system utilizes solar energy to create light, so it is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

2.3 Cost

The wonderchairs have low cost and predict great potential for mass use in colleges. One chair:

SG$ 1 (Rayon)1
SG$ 1 (Aluminum lever+wheels)2
SG$ 2 (GFRP)3
SG$ 2.5 (solar panel)4
SG$ 0.1 (light sensor)5
SG$ 1 (lamp)6
Total: SG$ 7.51

3 Conclusion Our wonderchairs are targeted at reducing present NTU TR chairs discomfort and harm to the human body. Their soft seatmats, supportive backrests and adjustable tables minimize backaches and maximize comfort levels for students. The lighting system provides appropriate light. Their revolutionary egg-shaped design also appeals to students. Moreover, they are cheap enough to be used on a great scale and their use can be extended to homes and offices to benefit more people.

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