Problems Encountered by the Students Introduction Essay

Published: 2019-10-13 02:02:19
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The continuous learning of students through the help of books, teachers, and even Internet is a fact which shows that knowledge still flourishes in our humanity. Life as a student is said to be fun yet also stressful. Requirements, reports, and especially examinations abound students life especially during the high school life. In many cases, students of todays society are often provided with poor study skills, preventing them of all chance for a satisfying grade. Studying is a major concept of education, and if the problem continues more and more students will be rejected from opportunities they wished theyd had. Opportunities that include future education at college, a chance to gain important knowledge, or even an opportunity to receive a high-paying job.

Traditionally, teachers are encouraged to believe that the learning environment must be orderly and quiet. However, more teachers are using activities occurring at the same time can make for noisy classrooms. But it would a mistake to conclude that in such classrooms student are not learning. Student that practice disruptive behavior cause disciplinary problems in the classrooms student and have negative efforts on student it may also lead to low achievement. The importance of the study emerged from the fact that the above literature indicated that classroom problems face the teachers, and try to investigate those problems in order to come up with solutions.

In students mental abilities, teachers face in the classroom a group of students who suffer from the slow down, faltering and failure in learning and they need more time than their colleagues need to accomplish any learning task. Such students are characterized by a number of characteristics, including problems of language, oral expression, and unable to pay attention, memory problems, and the dispersal of attention.

The family lifestyle and environment will put its mark on controlling the behaviors of students. Some students behavior can be unacceptable at school. Also, the level of behavior that is acceptable and allowed in the family, the way the family acts with one another, leads the student to unacceptable performance in the school. Parents indirectly share in creating problems when they insist on their kids grades, and achievements to be always high. This lead to feeling of anger, and worry, and create student behavioral problems inside the classroom.

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