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Published: 2020-01-18 13:11:31
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In todays world there are many people who are unemployed and who look for jobs daily and have not been successful in finding a job. My wife works in the social services field here in Fresno County she constantly comes home and vents to me about how disappointing it is to have to deal with clients of her coworkers who make complaints about their workers and how unfair they are treated or how inhumane. One of the biggest complaints she receives from clients about her coworkers is that when the client is being interviewed by the worker they feel that they are being looked down on or treated like they are less than the worker because they are currently receiving some type of assistance from the government. What upsets me a lot is that what these coworkers of my wife fail to realize is that there are so many people who would give anything to have their position, I myself being one of them.

I am sure that there are also plenty of clients who are receiving benefits because of the changing economy they lost their jobs and our forced to have to apply for assistance for them and their families. Often times we find that when we get into a position of power we forget where we came from or even that in simple blink of an eye we can be on the other end of the table.

What I would like for people to understand is that life changes sometimes in ways that we cannot predict or even understand we need to value our positions in life and remember that we owe all of our success to the Lord and we should not take it for granted. Many times the Lord will place us in a position so that we can be of help to someone but because we do not realize it we go through life unaware of the changes we can make in society. I often find myself having to remind my wife that she has been blessed with an opportunity to help her clients and also to help her coworkers because better people persons and develop their ability to help individuals and not look to them in a degrading manner.

Being that the County of Fresno is a large agency they are always hiring new people what seems to me that is happening is that they are just looking for quantity in number of employees rather than the quality of the employee. Once suggestion that I would offer is that management for the County of Fresno look for potential employees who want to work with people and who are able to give their clients the same type of treatment they would expect if they were in the clients shoes. Once interviews are being done those conducting the interviews should pay attention to the types of responses given by those being interviewed.

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