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Published: 2019-11-13 23:32:40
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1. The major processes of Project Communications Management are: a. Plan Communications Management, Management Communications, and Control Communications. b. Plan Communications Management, Develop Responses, Report Progress, and Distribute Information. c. Plan Communications, Distribute Information, and Schedule Reporting. d. Distribute Information, Report Changes, Update Project Documents, and Accept Project Deliverable.

2. Communication activities have many potential dimensions that generally include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Written, oral, and non-verbal.
b. Internal and external.
c. Conceptual and definitive.
d. Formal and informal.

3. Performance reporting is the act of collecting and distributing performance information, generally include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Status reporting.
b. Decision tree analysis.
c. Progress measurements.
d. Forecasts.

4. Source of information typically used to identify and define project communication requirements includes all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Project organization and stakeholder responsibility relationships. b. Disciplines, departments, and specialties involved in the project. c. Logistics of how many persons will be involved with the project and at which locations. d. Availability of in-place technology at the project location.

5. Hard-copy document management, electronic communications management, and web interfaces to scheduling and project management software are examples of:

a. Integrated project management information systems (IPMIS).
b. Internal communications systems.
c. Information management system.
d. Project records.

6. Control Communications is the process of:
a. Ensuring that information is provided on a need-to-know basis only to avoid unnecessary confusion and possible conflicts. b. Monitoring and controlling communications throughout the entire project life cycle to ensure the information needs of the project stakeholders are met. c. Providing all project information to all project stakeholders to enhance full buy-in regarding project requirements. d. Securing and guarding any negative information related to project performance throughout the entire project life cycle to ensure that the project team can continue working on the project with minimal disruption.

7. When a project manager is engaged in negotiations, nonverbal communication skills are of:
a. Little importance.
b. Major importance.
c. Importance only when cost and schedule objectives are involved. d. Importance to ensure he wins the negotiation.

8. A project manager has a project team consisting of people in four countries. The project is very important to the company, and the project manager is concerned about its success. The length of the project schedule is acceptable. What type of communication should he use?
a. Informal verbal communication
b. Formal written communication
c. Formal verbal communication
d. Informal written communication

9. If a project manager wants to report on the actual project results versus planned results, she should use a:
a. Trend report.
b. Forecasting report.
c. Status report.
d. Variance report.

10. A team member is visiting the manufacturing plant of one of the suppliers. Which of the following is the MOST important thing to be done in any telephone calls the project manager might make to the team member?
a. Ask the team member to repeat back what the project manager says.
b. Review the list of contact information for all stakeholders.
c. Ask the team member to look for change requests.
d. Review the upcoming meeting schedule

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