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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In a project the communication level is a very important part from the beginning to the end of project close out and completion stage. This method in the plan is extremely necessary and it is a needed tool that helps assist the project team, the stakeholders, and the executive team of Enterprise. This tool is effective and it makes sure all members involved with the project is on the same level of understanding, it makes sure all involved stays updated on the project, knows what is going on in the project, and it helps keep the project information together. One of the primary jobs of a project manager is to manage the trade-offs among time, cost, and performance (Gray & Larson, 2006, p. 103). A project manager must ensure that he keeps everybody inform about the latest development of the project; thereby gives sense of belonging to every member of the project team as well as the sponsor or customer. Within this project, the communication plan is the key element that is designed to help assist the project team, stakeholders, and the executive team aware of any progress, and to help keep up with the status of the progress in the process.

The plan of communication design help keep all members of the project aware of the progress and the status of the project, it helps everyone stay informed and connected in the project, and it gives information regarding any matters of urgency that are crucial within the project progress. The purpose of this communication plan is to make sure all key aspects and elements of the communication strategy are documented and implemented successfully in the project. The strategies implemented include: frequency, method of delivery, recipients, and owner. The frequency in this communication plan entails scheduled meetings and how often they are being scheduled, it explains the project progress and all important information needed to help assist with the project deliverables which helps keep all the members aware of everything needed to meet the objectives of the project while keeping everyone on the same level of understanding.

The team will have meeting on the status and progress of the project deliverables scheduled throughout the project as needed. Method of delivery is the avenue in which the reports or minutes of all the meetings will be disseminating to all the participants. The method adopts for the purpose of this project is through email, in person, and paper copy. The recipients in this project are project team, enterprise executive and potential stakeholders in the project outcomes. These are the people that directly are involved in carrying out activities in this project. The format is in regards to the style adopted to see the communication being effective as the project progresses. These are important elements needed to help achieve the project objectives and deliverables which keep all members connected, informed, and constantly communicating.

The training, development, and overall retention and selection practices helps manage challenges (McNamara, 2011). The channel of communication for the purpose of this project will be formal in nature. No informal meeting will be allow or reckon with, all information must be well documented with proper references. Verbal and written communication is needed in as much it does oblige with the communication plan designed for this project. It is essential to the elements of the project success that all stakeholders involved have to follow the rules as contains in this communication plan because this will help track any issues as regards the scope, schedule and cost of this project. The project manager is in charge of clarifying any elements in this communication plan, and all concerns need to be addressed to the project manager.

Review meeting times
Project progress update
Contingency modification
Request for information
Scope performance
Budget performance
Project Schedule
Owner items
Next meeting date


Meeting agenda are guidelines that help modify and keep focuses of the issues to be discussed. The elements are tools that write down everything that needs to be achieved after a meeting. In the case of this project, many items have been identified and pencil down for this purpose of this meeting. They are introduction, review of last meeting minutes, project progress update, contingency modification, request for information, contractor update about scope performance, budget performance, and project schedule, also identified are owner items, and next meeting date. Introduction gives every participant in the meeting the ability to tell people who they are, what they are doing and their contribution or job function as related to the on-going project. This process brings everyone together on the same page and it helps members get to know one another and form an effective working relationship. Review last meeting minutes is an important element in this process that explains all the activities of previous meeting if there is any out loud so that everyone clearly hears and knows what is going on in the project.

This allows all members to know what has been said, what needs to be done, and it helps to go over everything about the agenda of the day. Progress update is the most important aspect of this process. All the major stake holders furnish the house with comprehensive update of what happen to the project since last meeting. This must cover the areas of what was identified in the previous progress meeting as well which helps keep all members of the project on the same level of understanding what has happened, is happening, and will happen in the next meeting. Contingency modification is when things happen unexpectedly during the activities of the project needs to cater for. This should bring attention to the house if there is any contingency or not, and if there is any, what is the solution put in place to address this contingency.

Request for information is where information that needs immediate attention of project team is discussed. The information here could be result of specifics action that was previously talked about in the past meetings. Contractor update is when the contractor gives detail reports of the project or major portion of the project to the sponsor or customer. The parameter that the report of contractor will focus on must include project scope performance, project budget performance and project schedule. Owner items explain what the owner has observed within the project. He or she explains whether or not the project is going as scheduled?

Is the project still running within the budget and are specifications being met? This is a means that the owner talks extensively about what he or she has observed and what changes he or she wants to see before the next meeting. Next meeting date is where the current meeting is adjourned and the next progress meeting date is announce to everybody. The date, the time and the venue of the meeting will be known to everybody. The next meeting helps prepare all members for the future meetings and the aspects of these meetings that are important and essential to the success of the project.


The project charter defines the scope, objectives, and overall approach for the work to be completed. It is a critical element for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and assessing the project. It should be the single point of reference on the project for project goals and objectives, scope, organization, estimates, work plan, and budget. In addition, it serves as a contract between the Project Team and the Project Sponsors, stating what will be delivered according to the budget, time constraints, risks, resources, and standards agreed upon for the project.

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