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Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is no different.

I especially thank Mr. R.K.Gupta; Director of Cii & CITMS, whose support and patience was instrumental in accomplishing this project.

I would like to thank our Faculty Guide Miss.Pubali Koley whose diligent effort made this project possible.

My grateful acknowledgement to all the staff member of Ultra tech Cement limited for their support and cooperation.

At last again I want to extent my thanks to all the teachers of Cii & CITMS Durgapur for giving support and confidence for doing this project.


This ambitious project at ULTRATECH CEMENT under the project title ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY has been carried out under the able guidance of company & institutional experts. The vision or the objective of this project was to identify the Advertising needs. As the growth is a continuous process, so it is also very much important to find out the corners or the areas where the scope for the development is present.

The effectiveness of the Advertising was also under the scan during this period where it is observed that the effective Advertising can effectively maximize sales volume & revenue.

This Advertising process is also effective to manage the planned sales strategy. The Advertising process at WEST BENGAL CEMENT WORKS is judiciously planned &Divided into four parts.

This practical project helped a lot to get the knowledge from all the avenues of the Marketing Management &it is also perceived that it will help the company time to time in its growth process.


he function of Advertising is to close the gap between the desire performance and the actual job performance. The need for quality Advertising program is on the increase due to the fact that the highly competitive business environment is throwing up new and complex challenges, literally every day.

New and complex services are coming into existence, thereby pushing up
the need for high- quality Advertising program. Due to the slowdown in the economy, many jobs are coming into existence, many jobs cuts are taking place leading to a situation where works must retain themselves to stay employed in the same organization or to complete in the market place.


¢ To identify importance of Advertising in the organization.

¢ To identify the specific Advertising area.

¢ To identify the effectiveness of different types of advertising.

¢ To identify the best methods and techniques for advertising.

¢ The development of Advertising and sales promotion schemes to meet desired goals of organization.

â–  Increase in sales volume

â–  Maximize profit

â–  Developed sales promotion schemes


← Because of busy schedule of the employees the interview was quite tough after a quite of waiting time.

← Most of the executives were too busy, thus to obtain the desired & accurate data there was a need to take the prior appointment from them.

← 50% of the sample size were not giving the correct feedback (due to varied hidden reason), thus there will be variance in the outcome of the study.

← Most of the employees were not confident about the proper management (misuse) of the information provided by them.

← They were also often reluctant in identifying the needed information.


Advertising & promotional strategy at West Bengal Cement Works.

Research methodology is the method through which the project has been done. This includes various sources of collecting data.


The target group for the survey was Managers, Officers, Supervisors and of ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED and press releases.

Out of 38 employees, 35 were taken as a sample for the survey


The company is having small number of staff. So, the questionnaire was made mainly for Managers, Officers and Supervisors. Some specific questions have been prepared relating to the topic and have been analyzed in such a way that it can fulfill the objective of the project.


Formal interview has been taken during the non peak office hour.











West Bengal Cement Works





Sr.dy.general manager


Company Name:UltraTech Cement Limited
(An Aditya Birla group of company)

Industry : Cement manufacturing

Type of Company: Public Limited Company

Unit Name& Address:West Bengal Cement Works
Near EPIP, MUCHIPARA, G.T. ROAD Post-Rajbandh Durgapur-713212 District- Burdwan West Bengal

Registered Office : UltraTech Cement Limited B- Wing, Ahura centre, 2nd floor Mahakali Caves Road Andheri (east), Mumbai-400093

Board of Executives

¢ Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman

¢ Mrs. Rajashree Birla

¢ Mr. R. C. Bhargava

¢ Mr. G. M. Dave

¢ Mr. N. J. Jhaveri

¢ Mr. S. B. Mathur

¢ Mr. V. T. Moorthy

¢ Mr. O. P. Puranmalka

¢ Mr. S. Rajgopal

¢ Mr. D. D. Rathi

¢ Mr. S. Misra, Managing Director

Board of Directors

Executive President& Chief Financial Officer
Mr. K. C. Birla
Chief Manufacturing Officer
R.K. Shah
Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. O. P. Puranmalka
Company Secretary
Mr. S. K. Chatterjee

The Aditya Birla Management Corporation Private Limited is the Groups apex decision making body and provides strategic direction to Group companies. Its Board of Directors comprises:

¢ Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman

¢ Mr. S. Aga

¢ Mr. D. Bhattacharya

¢ Mr. S. K. Jain

¢ Dr. S. Misra

¢ Mr. S. Misra

¢ Dr. B. K. Singh

¢ Mr. K. K. Maheshwari

¢ Mr. Vikram Rao

¢ Mr. Ajay Srinivasan


¢ Grasims pulp and fibre division has won the highly prestigious Asian CSR Award. The Asian CSR Awards, Asias Premier CSR Awards program, is a project of the Asian Institute of Management, Manila.

¢ The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Government of Thailand will be conferred The Best Labor Relations and Welfare Award, 2009 on Indo Thai Synthetic Company Limited.

¢ Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has been named The Asset Management Company of the Year, India, by the Hong Kong based magazine, The Asset, in the country awards category of their Triple an Investment Performance Awards 2009.

¢ CNBC TV18 Crisil recognized Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund as The Mutual Fund House of the Year in 2008 and 2009 (for 2007 and 2008), creating history as the only fund house to have won this recognition in two consecutive years.

¢ The Birla Sun Life Equity-Linked FMP won the Best Local Currency
Structured Product-India at Triple an Investment Performance Awards 2009.

¢ The Best Onshore Fund House India Award by Asian Investor, a Hong Kong based magazine at Asian Investor Investment Performance Awards 2009.

¢ Rajiv Gandhi Award for Eminence in Social Field, 2009 was conferred on Mrs. Rajashree Birla by Mr. Jyotiraditya Scandia (Union Minister of State, Commerce & Industry) on 19 August 2009. The award recognizes Mrs. Birlas path breaking work among the poor, more so in Indias villages, carried out through the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development.

¢ Idea Cellular wins the Economic Times Emerging Company of the Year Award for 2009.


¢ The President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil conferred the much coveted Rotary International Polio Eradication Champion Award on Mrs. Rajashree Birla in an elegant function at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Delhi), attended by the Chairman, select Rotarians and WHO officials.

¢ The Aditya Birla Group was honored with the India Today Groups Readers Digest Gold award in recognition of the work that truly exemplifies the highest values of society as well as those of Readers Digest. The award was received by Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, and Aditya Birla Center for Community Initiatives and Rural Development, at the Pegasus Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2007 function.


¢ Hindalco in a joint venture with Alex USA Inc.
Tran Works Information Services announces success of bid to acquire Minacs Worldwide.

¢ Grasim Industries Limited, India; Thai Rayon Public Company Limited, Thailand and P.T. Indo Bharat Rayon, Indonesia form a JV with Hubei Jingo Wei Chemical Fibre Company, China, for VSF.

¢ Hindalco awarded the Genentech Safety Silver Award for its outstanding safety performance during 2005-06

¢ Hindalco awarded the CII Sorabji Green Business Centre National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2007.


¢ Indian Rayon re-christened as Aditya Birla Novo.

¢ Aditya Birla Group to set up a world-class aluminum project in Orissa.

¢ The Aditya Birla Group signs a framework agreement to acquire St Anne Nackawic Pulp Mill, Canada.

¢ Board reconstituted with Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla taking over as Chairman.

¢ Completion of the implementation process to demerge the cement business of L&T and completion of open offer by Grasim, with the latter acquiring controlling stake in the newly formed company UltraTech.

¢ Grasim, Nada, received the FICCI Annual Award 2003-2004 in recognition of corporate initiative in rural development.



¢ Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of the Group, is selected as Business Indias Businessman of the Year 2003.

¢ Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla is selected as The Economic Times Business Leader of the year.

¢ The Group is ranked 16th in Indias first ever survey of Great places to work in, published in Business World magazine. The Groups joint venture concern, Birla Sun Life Insurance, is ranked 9th in the same study.

¢ The Group is ranked 20th in a study on the Best Employers in India, conducted by Hewitt Associates and Business Today.

¢ Hindalco receives the Asian CSR Award for its Rural Poverty Alleviation Program.



Organizational environment

West Bengal Cement Works has rail & road connectivity to meet inward & outward logistics requirements. The private railway siding is connected to main line of eastern railway at Durgapur, which is 8.72 KM from plant.

The cement is packed in bags with the help of three packers operating round the clock. The packed cement is dispatched to various destinations by road & rail. Organization Culture

â– Purpose: To produce the cement as per marketing requirement with minimum cost.

â– Objective: Zero breakdown, Good Housekeeping, building trust & support.

â– West Bengal Cement Works is having following facilities:

➢ Clinker unloading by wagon tippler (cap. 15 trips per hour)

➢ Fly ash bowers unloading system

➢ Cement mill with 1.0 million ton per annum capacity

➢ Cement dispatch facility by road & rail

➢ Clinker, Gypsum & fly ash receipt by rail & road respectively

Land Details:

o Factory:61.67 Acres
o 16 flat residential complex:10202.4 Esq.
o Assisted siding:2830 M.
o Private assisted siding:2210 M.


West Bengal Cement Works (WBCW) is the 10th cement manufacturing unit of Ultra Tech Cement Limited, Which is located at Durgapur.


Clinker : Hirmi Cement Works

Fly Ash : Bakreswar Thermal Power Station Durgapur Project Limited (DPL)

Gypsum : Hindi Liver Chemicals, Haldia

Slag : Durgapur Steel Plant (DPL) Bokaro Steel Plant


TRANSPORT : North Eastern Railway, National Highway-2

WATER : River Damodar

MARKET : Local Growth of City development

LAND : 62.92 acres of good land for Construction.

CAPITAL : Huge number of Bank for getting easy Cash

MANPOWER : Available amount of skilled and Unskilled Labors from local area DEMOCRACY : Good demographic structure is found Here


GYPSUM from Yard Gypsum hopper
Electronic weigh feeder
SLAG from Yard Slag hopper

FLUASH from Bin Supplied SCHENK
For accurate quantity
CLINKER from Silo Slag hopper to Mill

PRODUCT MIXESPacking in 50 kg bag with electronic packer loading in truck or rack PORTLAND POZZALANA CEMENT

CLINKER : 70-74%

FLYASH : 20-25%

FLYASH : 3-4%


CLINKER : 50-54%

SLAG : 40-42%

GYPSUM : 3-5%

Plant Layout
A Partial View of West Bengal Cement Works




â–¡ Advertising is the dissemination of information by non personal means through paid media, where the source is clearly identified as the sponsoring organization. Advertising is one of the important components of the promotion mix. It is a powerful communication medium and a vital
marketing tool.


â–¡ Advertising is one of the methods of promotion mix. â–¡ It is a paid mass communication, not aiming at a specific individual. â–¡ It is salesmanship in writing or printed salesmanship. â–¡ It is undertaken to influence the buying behavior of the customers. â–¡ The communication media are diverse such as print (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (radio and television), and direct (mail, billboards and motion pictures).


← Element of Marketing Mix

← Promotion Mix

← Mass Communication

← Massages

← Price of Advertising

← Sponsor

← Persuasive

← Element of Control

← Identifiable

← Target Group


← Effectiveness of Massages

← Appropriate Media

← Merchandise

← Advertising Functions

← Responsibility of Advertiser

← Fulfillment of Objectives

← Generates Various Activities

← Advertising as an Art & Science


➢ To increase sales

➢ Persuading dealers to stock

➢ Assisting dealers to stock

➢ Increase in per capita use

➢ Recognition for quality

➢ Protecting manufacturers interest

➢ To eliminate seasonal fluctuations

➢ Creation of demand


➢ Oral support to salesman

➢ To furnish correct information

➢ Ensures product improvement

➢ Sense of security

➢ Appointment of efficient employees

¢ The scope of Advertising includes these activities such as selection of media, communication with customers, and maintenance of brand loyalty and so on.

Advertising Objectives:

â–ª Simulating Demand :

✠The current user of a product may be persuaded to increase the existing rate of product consumption. This may be reminding them about the product, its brand and the possible advantages of the product.

✠The second way of stimulating demand for the product is to attract new user into the market by telling them the qualities of the product and possible uses so that they may change their brand.

✠The third way of stimulating demand is to tell the current users about new users of the product so that customers may use the companys product for several other purposes.

â–ª Increasing profits

✠Advertising does increase sale of the product.

✠Advertising will reduce various marketing costs

Specific objectives of Advertising:

✠It introduces new product to potential customers. âœ
✠It promotes the brand by repeat purchase leading to brand loyalty.

✠It increases the timing and number of uses.

✠It builds the product and company image.

✠It sets the trend by changing perception and behavior.

✠It aids sales promotion campaign.

✠It shoots up the sale and increases the market share.

✠It answers the competitive attacks.

Reminder advertising:

¢ Reminding them where to buy it.

¢ Maintaining its top of mind awareness.

â–ª Information Advertising :

✠Informing the market about a new product

✠Suggesting new uses for a product.

✠Informing the market of a price change.

✠Explaining how the products work.

✠Describing the available services.

✠Correcting the false informations.

✠Reducing consumers fears.

✠Building up a companys image.

â–ª Persuasive advertising :

✠Building brand preference.
✠Encouraging switching to your brand.
✠Persuading customer to purchase now.
✠Persuading customer to receive a sales call.

Advertising Goals:

✠To increases sales
✠To establish brand equity, and
✠To enter the target market.

Behavioral goals:

✠Advertising goals aim at changing the attitude and behavior of the target audience towards a brand.

✠Advertising goals in behavioral terms is analysis of the communication and decision process that will affect the desired buyer behavior.

✠Advertising could be aimed at any of these or a communication of these intervening variables.

Communication Related goals:

✠Advertising is directed at a group of users of product called the target audience.

✠Attract attention

✠Secure interest.

✠Build desire for the product and finally

✠Obtain action.

Approaches for setting Advertising Objectives:

â–ª AIDAS model

✠A refers to Attention
✠I refers to Interest
✠D refers to Desire
✠A refers to action; and
✠S refers to Satisfaction


➢ Headlines
➢ Subheading
➢ Body copy
➢ Captions
➢ Blurb or balloon
➢ Boxes and panels
➢ Slogan, Logo, Signature


➢ Cash in on your personal experience
➢ Write from the heart
➢ Learn from the experience of others
➢ Study the product
➢ Study competitors advertisement
➢ Study testimonials from customers
➢ Solve the prospects problem
➢ Put your subconscious mind to work
➢ Ring the changes on a successful idea


← Colors are often used to attract attention and to enhance memory value.




➢ Newspapers
➢ Magazines
➢ Journals

➢ Advertising Boards
➢ Vehicle advertising
➢ Electric displays
➢ Sky writing
➢ Sandwich men

➢ Leaflets

➢ Sales letters
➢ Folders
➢ Booklets
➢ Catalogues
➢ Brouchers

➢ Radio
➢ T.V
➢ Film
➢ Web based advertising



ales promotion includes all those activities other than advertising, personal selling, public relation and publicity, that are intended to stimulate customer demand and improve the marketing performance of sellers.

Need of sales promotion:
â–ª To secure attention towards new products.

â–ª To improve the market share of a company.

â–ª To avoid duplication of goods.

â–ª To create awareness among consumers about new brands.

â–ª To face competition in the market.

â–ª To create talking points for their sales force.


â–ª Contest

â–ª Premium offers

â–ª Mail in free offers

â–ª Free gifts with goods

â–ª Picture cards

â–ª Gift coupons

â–ª Coupons

â–ª Cross coupons

â–ª Jumbo packs

â–ª Money off offers

â–ª Sales letters








o The roots of the Aditya Birla Group date back to the 19th century in the picturesque town of Pilani set amidst the Rajasthan desert. It was here that Seth Shiv Narayan Birla started trading in cotton, laying the foundation for the House of Birlas. Through Indias arduous times of the 1850s, the Birla business expanded rapidly.

In the early part of the 20th century, our Groups founding father, Ghanshyamdas Birla, set up industries in critical sectors such as textiles and fibre, aluminums, cement and chemicals. As a close confidante of Mahatma Gandhi, he played an active role in the Indian freedom struggle. He represented India at the first and second round-table conference in London, along with Gandhiji. It was at Birla House in Delhi that the luminaries of the Indian freedom struggle often met to plot the downfall of the British Raj.

Aditya Vikram Birla: putting India on the world map
|[pic] |
| |

A formidable force in Indian industry, Mr. Aditya Birla dared to dream of setting up a global business empire at the age of 24. He was the first to put Indian business on the world map, as far back as 1969, long before globalization became a buzzword in India. In the then vibrant and free market South East Asian countries, he ventured to set up world-class production bases. He had foreseen the winds of change and staked the future of his business on a competitive, free market driven economy order. He put Indian business on the globe, 22 years before economic liberalization was formally introduced by the former Prime Minister, Mr. Narasimha Rao and the former Union Finance Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. He set up 19 companies outside India, in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt.


Quality push: Mr. B. Venugopal, Senior Vice-President, UltraTech Cement Ltd, at the inauguration of mobile concrete laboratory in Durgapur.

UltraTech Cement, as part of its product plus services, has introduced a mobile concrete testing laboratory for ascertaining the quality of reinforcement materials and for guiding those building houses about its quality.


Excerpts from an interview with O.P. Puranmalka, Group Executive President, Grasim Industries and Chief Marketing Officer, UltraTech Cement Ltd.

|[pic] |
| |

In step with its global agenda, the cement business of the Aditya Birla Group, is orchestrating a contemporary brand makeover. With UltraTech Cement, the Aditya Birla Group has established itself as not only the most respected domestic player but also among the global leaders in cement. Associate Editor Vidyut Kumar Ta in an exclusive interview with O.P. Puranmalka, Group Executive President, Grasim Industries and Chief Marketing Officer, UltraTech Cement Limited, analyses the strategy behind promoting a single brand identity of the companys cement products.

Signature line

The name UltraTech with the signature line, The Engineers Choice, admirably captures the premium nature of the brand and its salience. According to Mr. Puranmalka, excellent product quality and customer care will remain the hallmark of UltraTech cement.

Jaan Wahi Pehchaan Nayi


eeping pace with the current industry trend and taking the UltraTech brand to a new pedestal, the group decided to have one national brand. Birla Plus with its very strong presence in the North was a very well known brand. Its tag line Har Nirman Ki Jaan and Is cement mein Jaan Hain had become household phrases. Observes Mr. Puranmalka: We opted for UltraTech as the national brand because while on the one hand, it gives us the opportunity to strengthen common attributes of a premium brand, scale of operations and the Aditya Birla Groups reputation, it also provides an opportunity to build on the positioning platform of expert and imagery signifying progress, cutting edge technology and modernity.


lthough cement is said to be a low-involvement category, the brand awareness in this category is very high. Major brands like ACC, Ambuja and some strong regional brands have been fighting for mind space. Says Mr. Puranmalka: Brand awareness is the category driver. We wanted to be different and were constantly on the look out for high visibility media. We found that cricket has a great following in our country and we wanted to explore the possibility of associating with this sport.



ndia, the worlds largest producer of movies in as many as 10-12 different languages, provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach the masses. Films are a great entertainment platform for most Indians. Many FMCGs have encased this opportunity. The in-film branding opportunity was used by UltraTech for the first time ever in the cement industry. The film Chak De India, promoting womens hockey in India, became an all-time hit. In the movie UltraTech was the sponsor of the Indian womens hockey team. UltraTech branding was all over, throughout the movie.

It was a big gamble we took, says Mr. Puranmalka. Initially we were skeptical, with many big banners with big stars failing in the recent past. After a lot of deliberation, we decided to go ahead with this gamble and finally Chak De India almost became like a national anthem, with India winning the womens hockey title in reality and our cricket team winning the inaugural 20-20 World Cup.


urging ahead of competition, the cement business brought in a new concept in cement marketing ” UltraTech Building Solutions, a one-stop shop for all construction needs. This is a unique concept and was tested in Rajkot which is one of the fastest-growing cities in construction in the country today, says Mr. Puranmalka. Advocating our Plan, Build and Support philosophy, it seeks to enhance the shopping experience of customers and strengthen existing trade partnerships, by upgrading the service proposition. It offers a wide spectrum of end-to-end home building solutions, high quality construction materials and allied value-added services. As a business model, UltraTech Building Solutions offers home building solutions from planning to completion.

asically, every customer who walks in to UltraTech Building Solutions outlet receives guidance on construction-related issues as well as value-added services like Vastu, usage of budget software to estimate costs involved for construction, paper clearance procedures, etc. The customer gets a ready reckoner of information on how to choose and buy quality construction materials. With the Rajkot success and with key learning points, the company intends to open many more outlets across the country.

Measuring Effectiveness

nce the goals are well defined we need to measure the effectiveness of all such initiatives that are undertaken from time to time, says Mr. Puranmalka. We are research-savvy in our approach. We go into minute details to find out the cause and effect, keeping the larger picture in mind. This is true right from the selection of the brand name UltraTech to ad campaign testing, media effectiveness and so on. Regular Brand Health Monitoring studies are undertaken to understand various critical issues like awareness, usage pattern, equity indices, psycho-economic mix of the target group (TG), etc. Mr. Puranmalka adds: Recently we initiated and completed a customer satisfaction survey to understand the expectations of customers and benchmark with the best in the industry. Of course there are some insights, which we need to address internally, but overall we are happy with the outcome. The results are very encouraging and you would be glad to know we are steering ahead of competition.

Rajasthan Royals ropes in UltraTech as team sponsor:

â– Rajasthan Royals has roped in UltraTech Cement as their team sponsor. With this, the Emerging Media-owned IPL franchises sponsor roster stands at eight.

â– Rajasthan Royals CMO Raghu Iyer, All deals are intended to be long-term. Our earlier team sponsor was Bajaj Allianz but we agreed to mutually part ways amicably.

â– UltraTech Cement will have branding on the team jerseys and team-replica merchandise. Iyer added that plans are being worked upon as to how the two parties can best take this relationship forward.

â– As had been reported earlier by, TCS is the franchisees technology partner. TCS will offer expertise in IT solutions to the T20 cricket team on and off the field for the next three years.

The Television Plan:

➢ The franchisee is planning activities with Super sport which will air the IPL in South Africa. Rajasthan Royals had earlier entered into a strategic partnership with the Nashua Cape Cobras. The first match will be played on 11 April. In the days preceding the encounter, there will be special features in the form of player profiles and interviews.

➢ In India the franchises partners are Aaj Tak and Times Now. The plan is to offer them special footage and capsules. Ayer added that the franchisee is in talks with several broadcasters to air their DVD. Victory will be aired on the channel.

➢ Rajasthan Royals claims that it is witnessing good sales of the two DVDs that it has launched earlier. While Road to Victory is about how the team triumphed in the IPLs inaugural edition, Access All Areas aims to give fans an idea of what goes on behind-the-scenes to make the IPL a success.


The prime purpose of the project is to identify Advertising and sales promotion strategies of ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED.

The ingredient for a successful analysis is a structured questionnaire, for the better construction of analysis of the data generated from the questionnaire.

The following step by step analysis is a proportionate mix of good high quality and dire views.

1. How advertising is effective to increase the sales volume?

Always: 65%

To great extent: 25%

To some extent: 10%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0

Remark: As there is no magic for success and to increase sales volume and profit, Advertising is the only key.

2. How advertising is effective to stimulate demand for the product?

Always: 60%

To great extent: 25%

To some extent: 15%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Without advertising its very complex to stimulate demand for product.

3. DO you feel that Advertising will reduce various marketing costs?

Always: 55%

To great extent: 35%

To some extent: 10%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Advertising is so effective to reduce various marketing costs.

4. Do you feel that Advertising increases repeat purchasing?

Always: 70%

To great extent: 20%

To some extent: 5%

To very little extent: 5%

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Maximum no. of customer accepts that advertising increase repeat purchasing.

5. Do you feel that Advertising informing the market about a new product?

Always: 85%

To great extent: 10%

To some extent: 5%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Advertising is highly effective to inform the market about new product.

6. Is Advertising act as building up a companys image?

Always: 68%

To great extent: 23%

To some extent: 5%

To very little extent: 4%

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Advertising is a successive method to build up companys image.

7. How Advertising is helpful method for market positioning?

Always: 52%

To great extent: 25%

To some extent: 10%

To very little extent: 7%

Not at all: 6%


Remark: Advertising is quite impressive method for market positioning.

8. How Sales Promotion effectual to improve the market share of a company?

Always: 55%

To great extent: 20%

To some extent: 15%

To very little extent: 10%

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Sales promotion is effective policy to improve the market share of a company according to people.

9. How sales promotion work to face competition in the market?

Always: 70%

To great extent: 20%

To some extent: 10%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Sales promotion used as effective tool to face competition in the market.

10. Do you feel that Sales Promotion should attract the attention of the target audience?

Always: 75%

To great extent: 20%

To some extent: 5%

To very little extent: 0.0

Not at all: 0.0


Remark: Sales promotion should attract the attention of the target audience to purchase particular product.


Most advertiser try to measure the communication effect of an AD that is, its potential effect on awareness, knowledge, or preference. They would also like to measure the ADS sales effect.

â–ª The consumer feedback method asks consumers questions such as these:

1) What is the main message you get from this AD?
2) How likely is it that this AD will influence you to undertake the action? 3) What works well in the AD & what works poorly?
4) How does the AD make you feel?
5) Where is the best place to reach you with this message?

â–ª Portfolio tests ask consumers to view or listen to a portfolio of
advertisements. Recall level indicates an ads ability to stand out and to have its message understood and remembered.

â–ª Laboratory tests use equipment to measure physiological reactions heartbeat, blood pressure, pupil dilation, galvanic skin response, perspiration to an ad.


What sales are generated by an ad that increases brand awareness by 20% and brand preference by 10%? The fewer or more controllable other factors such as features and price are, the easier it is measure advertisings effect on sales. The sales impact is easiest to measure in direct marketing situations and hardest in brand or corporate image building advertising.

Companies are generally interested in finding out whether they are overspending on advertising.

Researchers try to measure the sales impact through analyzing historical or experimental data.


nce the goals are well defined we need to measure the effectiveness of all such initiatives that are undertaken from time to time, says Mr. Puranmalka.

We are research-savvy in our approach. We go into minute details to find out the cause and effect, keeping the larger picture in mind. This is true right from the selection of the brand name UltraTech to ad campaign testing, media effectiveness and so on. Regular Brand Health Monitoring studies are undertaken to understand various critical issues like awareness, usage pattern, equity indices, psycho-economic mix of the target group (TG), etc.

Mr. Puranmalka adds: Recently we initiated and completed a customer satisfaction survey to understand the expectations of customers and benchmark with the best in the industry. Of course there are some insights, which we need to address internally, but overall we are happy with the outcome. The results are very encouraging and you would be glad to know we are steering ahead of competition.


The improvement in sales & profit is the evident for an organization. So requirement of advertising and promotional schemes is tremendous.

← The structure of a persuasive message can influence the effectiveness of advertising.

← Customers influenced by message appeals like comparative, fear and humor appeals.

← The designs of advertisement impress customers. Design means the arrangement of various parts in a pre determined order say a blue print.

← Advertising media should be elected carefully. Media reduces gap between customer and manufacturer.

← Sales promotion schemes lead to increase of sales.


← It has been observed during the course of questionnaire survey that 56% interviews suggested improvement of advertising and sales promotion techniques. Management is being advised to improve inefficiencies such as:

➢ Advertising message should be meaningful.

➢ Avoid unethical advertisings.

➢ Reduce use of women as sex objects in Ads.

➢ Banned on alcohol & tobacco ad.

➢ Reduce using of false claims & info.

➢ Careful about social values & consumer rights.

← These are some initial steps which improve advertising efficiency. Efficient advertising and sales promotion schemes increase profit of organization. So, it helpful to meet organization goals.


¢ PHILIP KOTLER, Marketing Management

¢ Monthly Magazine issued by company

¢ Mr.B.Devamaindhan, Advertising management and Sales promotion

¢ Web based information


¢ Design good layout and message of advertising to make it effective.

¢ Organize sales promotion programs to increase sales volume and repeat purchase.

¢ Care about ethical issues and social values.

¢ Provide quality service to the customers.

¢ Use reliable schemes to promote consumers.


Cash Flow statement of UltraTech Cement Limited

|Profit before tax |1,361.46 |1,507.01 |1,166.19 |285.59 |43.24 | |Net cash flow-operating activity|1,457.57 |1,375.26 |1,113.09 |551.63 |337.42 | |Net cash used in investing |-1,645.43 |-1,441.79 |-1,046.25 |-357.24 |-87.18 | |activity | | | | | | |Net cash used in fin. Activity |191.66 |77.63 |-38.84 |-191.02 |-235.81 | |Net inc/dec in cash and |3.80 |11.10 |27.99 |3.37 |14.43 | |equivalent | | | | | | |Cash and equivalent begin of |100.69 |89.59 |61.60 |58.23 |41.83 | |year | | | | | | |Cash and equivalent end of year |104.49, |100.69, |89.59, |61.60 |56.6 |

Dividend Sheet of UltraTech Cement


|2009 |Apr | | | | |50
| |2008 |Apr | | | | |50 | |2007 |Mar | | | | |40 | |2006 |Jul | | | | |18 | |2005 |Apr | | | | |8 | |2004 |Sep | 5 |

Annual results in brief UltraTech Cement

|  |Mar 09 |Mar 08 |Mar 07 |Mar 06 |Mar 05 | |Sales |6,436.96 |5,509.22 |4,910.83 |3,299.45 | | | | | | | |2,681.05 | |Operating profit |1,760.29 |1,720.06 |1,417.81 |554.26 |272.81 | |Interest |125.51 |75.67 |86.83 |89.64 | | | | | | | |106.88 | |Gross profit |1,684.46 |1,744.24 |1,392.44 |501.62, | | | | | | | |188.18 | |EPS (Rs) |78.48 |80.94 |62.84 |18.46 |0.23 |

Profit loss account

|  |Mar 09 |Mar 08 |Mar 07 |Mar 06 |Mar 05 | |Income | | | | | | |Operating income |6,385.50 |5,512.43 |4,909.05 |3,299.45 |2,681.05 | |Expenses | | | | | | |Material consumed |1,193.97 |1,008.92 |902.06 |733.72 |609.13 | |Manufacturing expenses  |1,805.56 |1,314.78 |1,194.54 |958.30 |839.40 | |Personnel expenses |216.76 |171.55 |117.22 |92.26 |72.96 | |Selling expenses |1,256.46 |1,143.02 |1,137.66 |843.99 |650.98 | |Administrative expenses |177.93 |160.03 |133.93 |109.57 |137.36 | |Expenses capitalized |-8.38 |-13.37 |- |- |- | |Cost of sales |4,642.30 |3,784.93 |3,485.41 |2,737.84 |2,309.83 | |Operating profit |1,743.20 |1,727.50 |1,423.64 |561.61 |371.22 | |Other recurring income |99.29 |87.31 |57.65 |23.11 |21.70 | |Adjusted PBDIT |1,842.49 |1,814.81 |1,481.29 |584.72 |392.92 | |Financial expenses |134.09 |81.93 |92.61 |96.99 |128.05 | |Depreciation  |323.00 |237.23 |226.25 |216.03 |221.78 | |Other write offs |- |- |- |- |- | |Adjusted PBT |1,385.40 |1,495.65 |1,162.43 |271.70 |43.09 | |Tax charges
|384.44 |499.40 |383.91 |55.83 |-36.45 | |Adjusted PAT |1,000.96 |996.25 |778.52 |215.87 |79.54 | |Non recurring items |-23.94 |11.36 |3.76 |1.48 |-77.24 | |Other non cash adjustments |- |- |- |12.41 |0.55 | |Reported net profit |977.02 |1,007.61 |782.28 |229.76 |2.85 | |Earning before appropriation |2,575.14 |1,782.77 |962.85 |239.87 |20.77 | |Equity dividend |62.24 |62.24 |49.79 |21.79 |9.33 | |Preference dividend |- |- |- |- |- | |Dividend tax |10.58 |10.58 |6.98 |3.06 |1.33 | |Retained earnings |2,502.32 |1,709.95 |906.08 |215.02 |10.11 |


Observing this financial report we say the company is in good condition financially. The gross profit of this company was 188.18 in Mar 05 and it increased 1496.28 in Mar 09. We find a steady growth of UltraTech cement limited in six year. Companys dividend jump 5 50 in six year only (2004 2009). Net profit was 2.85 in Mar 05 and 977.02 in Mar 09. Advertising expenses of UltraTech cement limited jump 605.48 point in six years (04 05).

Advertising expenses of this company increases cause of advertising formulation strategy being changed. Company wants to capture potential market by good advertising and sales promotion activities.




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