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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Professor I think according to some internet articles that Im currently reading I should be able to provide an interesting paper on the successes and obstacles that each company face and the strategies of both companys employs and how they use various techniques to increase their organization effectiveness in order ensure great performance of their workers. I shall expand upon their efforts as I work on the course project. Well I like how you are thinking so far! References Mann Jr, Joseph (2012). A Few Questions for¦ Rush OKeefe CEO Fed Ex.

Air ; Space Lawyer. (Vol. 25 Issue 3, p23-24. 2p). Retrieved from DeVry library database. Nickles, W. G. , (2010). Understanding Business (9th ed. ) McGraw-Hill, New York, NY (pp. 321). Wolf, Alan (2013, April 22). MillManfrotto Broadens U. S. Business, Outsources Distribution with Wal-Mart. TWICE: This Week in Consumer Electronics. (Vol. 28 Issue 9, p33-33. ). Retrieved from DeVry library database. Where is the hanging indent for your references and remember to list them alphabetically? Also, there are items missing from your references.

Nickles looks like a text?! If so, there should be an italicized portion. The others do not need Full text available placed in the body of the reference. Check with the APA manual for the ruling on this or Purdue OWL works well also. 23/25 |Part 2: The Change Analysis Images of Change (Due Week 3) | | The Images section focuses on the six different images of managing change and how each approach to change effects all that follows in its implementation and continued support.

Download the Week 2 Project Images Grid from doc-sharing. Pick three of the images of change explained in the Week 2 lecture from the grid, and analyze how those particular images would affect the ensuing diagnosis and implementation in your two selected companies on their change plans. Heres what to do: 1. Working with the information that you provided in your topic proposal, and any feedback you have received from your Professor, flesh out the facts and information from your original proposal. . Review the changes in each company and describe them thoroughly in a word document. Explain how the change impacted the companies, and who it impacted. Compare some of the similarities and differences between the change in the two companies. 3. Look at your grid and pick three images of change from your grid. Fill out the empty blocks on the grid for those three images using outlines, bullet points, and rough ideas for both companys change. 4.

Now, in a Word document, analyze, compare and contrast the three images and explain how the behaviors of those images would be different or the same during your companies changes, and how those differences could (or did) impact the success (or failure) of the change, comparing and contrasting the results at both companies. 5. Explain which image (or combination of images) you feel would have best facilitated the described change and why. 6. Based on the information you actually read about the results of this change, state which image you think the leader of the change actually resembled the most.

You may speculate here on which image you feel best represents the change agent at either or both of the companies. This will depend on how much information you found about the internal workings of the company during the change. This paper should focus on evidence that demonstrates how the management of the organization integrated one or more of the six images of managing change (Chapters 2 and 3) how effective the change was and what management could have done differently to increase the probability of successfully implementing the strategic change initiative.

Again, this is a compare and contrast paper so include information about both companies in your report. Grading rubric for paper #2  Change Images |Item |Total points | |Properly filled out and submitted change grid showing your initial analysis and |10 | |notes. | | |Two companies selected, briefed, and referenced. 20 | |Thorough description of the change explained |20 | |Comparison of the two companies, similarities/differences of the changes and the |25 | |results | | |Image analysis |25 | |At least 4 new references, properly cited. 10 | |Total Points |110 | References should be scholarly I just need help with put together billets in the excel spreadsheet.

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