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Effective Primary Teachers: How they cope with Educational Change The title may already encompass the documents that will be presented in the paper. By stating the educational change, readers may be expecting that the author of the paper will be presenting the modifications and development of the systems of education. Moreover, it does not have to be that long given that it is just only the title of the thesis. Main Issues to be considered Education is an important aspect of someones being hence teachers also play an important role in shaping the society of their time.

They are said to be the second parents of the students that may actually guide them through every part of their lives. A student may be spending half of his/her life at school and it is through his/her foundation that will guide him/her to success. The development of the teachers as they are doing their profession is necessary as their career is to enhance other peoples knowledge. Being given that chance, they are also entitled to have opportunities of learning. Teachers way of making learning effective will also be cited so as to provide the readers and the author of some information of the latest strategies of teaching.

Nature of sources to be consulted Terms must be defined using a standardized dictionary by which, Websters dictionary may be a good suggestion. Encyclopedia and history books can be used in citing the teaching methods of the ancient times and how it has led to the teaching method at the present. Journals also about teaching, teaching psychology, childrens behavior and learning strategies must be presented here to provide the latest developments in teaching (National Mens Resource Center, 2003) . Surveys can also be done with the parents, teachers and even the students about their preferences about studying.

This will be the source of primary information. Proposed methodology Upon gathering some reviews of related literature, the author will formulate 10 questions that will measure the quality of the teaching method. 5 questions will be answered with corresponding values such as I strongly agree will be graded 5 and I strongly disagree will be graded as 1. Values will be obtained to perform statistical analysis of their coping with the educational change. The second part of the questioning will be about the quality of the panel.

Since their students are composed mainly of toddlers, their way of dealing with the pre school children will be asked and recorded. One town will be selected to make the study a bit specific, and in turn be related to the general point of view about the teachers ways. It is already enough to have 100 panels to represent the teachers in a certain town. Observations of the schools will also be done so as not to manipulate the study. Schedule of study The study will be done in the month of October so that the students are already at home with the environment of the school.

One week will be rendered to observation of the campus. Interviews will take place at the mid of the month, after the briefing of the teachers. Permissions required It is important that officials from the target town will be informed of the month that the study will be conducted; hence it will also support the author of getting permission with the head or the principal of the schools. List of Reference The National Mens Resource Center. 2003. Primary Teachers [online] available from [30 May 2008]

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